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[Tournament] 19XX: Ace 4 - Tournament in progress!


Squishy main lyfe


GutterOwl advances over Request by TO decision.
snoc advances over FaceOnMars by TO decision.

Looks like we’re on track for all other matches to be played!

The ArthurWynne/hug0naut match will be played slightly after the deadline.


Ivan vs Luke1705 - 4:3
great set. Thanks for the games, mate. Good luck in the future tournaments :slight_smile:


Caralad vs @ThreeHeadedMonkey

:rook: :psfist: :pschip: :grave:
:rook: :psfist: :pschip: :grave:
:rook: :psfist: :pschip: :onimaru:
:rook: :psfist: :pschip: :onimaru:

Caralad wins 4–0. Rook is a good character.




Ivan vs Bob199 - 4:2
Good set, man.


UTRALAW 4-3 @GutterOwl


GGS GutterOwl i was able to get one back since you stomped me last time we faced. But boy did she make me fight for it. There was one to two games that felt slightly like a blow out but the whole set was very tense a lot close game all around. i am not looking forward to facing GutterOwl again anytime soon i tell you what.


first 0-2 tournament is still a milestone.

good set, utra. good luck in the bracket. time to focus on summer smash.


Leontes vs. @Xiba

Man, I really need to start leading :midori: in 19XX, don’t I


Leontes wins 4-1

I got wrecked game 1. I had lots of juice in my hand but we kept clashing on options, and he drew more Q than me. After a SotF turn, he topdecked AA and did a ridiculous combo for exact lethal lmao! We were both laughing at that.

I am pretty well versed in how to handle :setsuki: as :midori:, thanks to playing it a lot against @Fivec and @Juushichi (and getting beaten by them both a lot). So I know the lines of play that :setsuki: needs to utilize in order to win. I played around that a bunch and was able to really cripple her hand a lot of the time, and won solidly all three games.

Fish man came out. Lots and lots of Bubble Shield, but I was able to dodgeconfirm a lot of damage (including a few hQs) to seal the deal.

GGs Xiba, good luck in the rest of the tournament! And good to see more international players enjoying Yomi!


ArthurWynne vs thehug0naut

:grave: :psfist: :knockdown: :argagarg: Threaten TPoS, kill with K++A. Had silly draws - hardly any throws (and only 9s and 10s) but literally every single face card and ace. hug0 obviously couldn’t have expected that, and bluffed one time too many.
:grave: :psfist: :knockdown: :quince: Perfect! Turn 3 TPoS with 2 silent aces, and for Quince it was downhill from there. Another match where I drew shamefully well.
:grave: :knockdown: :psfist: :argagarg: Revenge of the fish. Game is a bit blurry but I remember Arg getting the best of the early exchanges, and my comeback being stopped cold as I ran TPoS into a Bubble Shield.
:setsuki: :knockdown: :psfist: :argagarg: Not a real counterpick, at least this set. @thehug0naut put on an absolute clinic with his superior match-up knowledge.
:setsuki: :psfist: :knockdown: :argagarg: It looked like we were set for clinic, part 2, but with lucky draws and a range shift I got the SoTF vortex running and closed a 12 vs 50-something gamestate down to 4 vs 1, then won the 50/50 for the comeback. Intense!
:setsuki: :knockdown: :psfist: :argagarg: Turns out that last game was a fluke. See above. #NotARealCP #ReadsAreOP.
:persephone: :psfist: :knockdown: :argagarg: And so it all came down to this! But here we have an MU that I know well, at least relatively speaking. Found the guts to throw more aggressively, had the right reads to keep the dominance loop running to recur my dominant throws, and closed it out with a couple of OYKs.

Final score, 4-3 win for ArthurWynne!


I was so salty after that turn 3 TPoS in game 2 :joy: Thankfully it mostly served to shake a bunch of my rust off. Before I had stopped playing I had been working on anti-sets tech so was glad to see it worked well here! I definitely need to practice :argagarg: vs :persephone: though as you completely dominated that game.

Really enjoyed the set! Good luck in the rest of the tournament @ArthurWynne :grinning:


mysticjuicer 4 - 1 CKR

:rook: :knockdown: :psfist: :setsuki:
:midori: :psfist: :knockdown: :setsuki:
:midori: :psfist: :knockdown: :bbb:
:midori: :psfist: :knockdown: :setsuki:
:midori: :psfist: :knockdown: :setsuki:

ggs sir, always terrifying to fight you, and this was no exception


Happy to face you again @mysticjuicer. That’s gonna be a bloodbath.




You can tell because I lost that one.

(Actually reviewed that game and it was winnable I just made a series of costly mistakes. Also CKR punched out CMB after I powered up for a SINGLE ACE, the READS on that guy.)


I’m scaredcited.


flagrantangles wins 4-3 versus @snoc
:quince::pschip::psfist::valerie: Opened with some very exciting blocks. Then snoc throws me, the dastard. I use Patriot Mirror on wake up to defeat the odd crossup or force out the 10. I was banking pretty heavily that he didn’t play a 2. I was rewarded! I spin a J and snoc plays safe with a block. BOO. We’re back to the neutral and snoc wins combat with a normal that leads into 3 more. Now he’s loaded up with Aces. We’re back to the neutral and I’m trying to dodge. I get thrown for my trouble. I return the favor and spin a K. I play it honestly and dodge the reddest throw I’ve ever seen! He bluffs and I’m bamboozled. Back to the uncomfortable neutral. I’m 7 life to his 37. I power up for CotG since he’s got 3 cards and I think I can do the business. I block out a Queen hoping to find a dodge. I block out another dodge and then decide to play CotG to avoid getting thrown. I’m outsped by Three Colors + BoS. Quince falls to the Paintress.
:quince::pschip::psfist::valerie: We block some more because we are exciting Yomi players. This time I flip the script and throw first. GOODBYE BLOCK. I spin a K, tax throws, and reveal a block, expecting an attack to beat my greedy play. Instead he throws me, I get some cards and he hits me with that Masterpiece. I undercut his throw (HOW CAN QUINCE EVEN DO THIS?!) with my own and then back into the blender. I fully didn’t expect him to have a 3rd throw in hand to contest my King. OOPS. He throws my honest spin and I’m on the ground crying. We’re back to the KD and I play another PM. He undercuts it with a 2. I believe that’s called cheating. He hits me with nearly his entire hand full of murder. I’m down about 30 life and he’s got two aces. I try to dodge him but he blocks me out. Then I chase his block and he throws his orbs in my face. I dodge his next orb and spin a K. He throws me with another 7 I bluff and he leaves me on the ground. He then pokes me with a 3, defeating my very bold 7 throw. I play my sweet joker and prevent death for a turn. I’m back on the good stuff and poke his block with a 6 attack. Gotta keep ‘em honest. I dodge a Queen into PM and now we’re on that LOOP business. I’m very conscientious of the fact that Dodge/7 throw is weaker here than usual so I’m generally opting for dodge/attack. I manage to punch out a 9-throw with a PM. It was delightful. The next mixup is a dodge/7-attack. It also wins combat. I spin sweet, safe Jacks for a bit and develop some chip damage while replenishing snoc’s hand. I was a foolish potato. He was very patient. Eventually I spin a King, tax throws, and attack with a 6. I get blown up by a 5 and die. :frowning:
:quince::psfist::pschip::valerie: I switch things up with a throw at the very beginning and then I spin my Queen. I’ve got 2 Truths in hand so I’m not super worried. I play the Queen honestly because I don’t think Valerie can punish me for it. I eat the block and do MAXIMUM DAMAGE. I spin a J and replenish my hand with a 2 Truths. My honest J is blocked so I rotate to the dodge and draw a card. Valerie throws Quince in neutral, undercutting his ponderous attempt at the maneuver. He then ALSO crosses me up with a three. RUDENESS. However, he combos into three 2’s so it’s not so bad. I’ve noticed that snoc is often blocking after getting Aces so I start throwing him. It was successful. I spin another Queen and tax attacks and then I also present 2 Truths because you can just never be sure what’s happening. I dodge the attack that I think is forthcoming. He blocks. Hello neutral game! I decide to bonk wildly. It was wildly successful. I combo into damage and ignore his FD. It was a real joker. T^T I spin a K and bonk again because that’s the fun thing to do. It was also successful. I combo into MUCHO DAMAGE. I spin the K again and play an Ace. It defeats another throw and I take the game.
:quince::psfist::pschip::valerie: We start off with blocks but this time he breaks the chain and throws me. And then had the audacity to cross me up. I didn’t think he had the juice. I was wrong. He hits me with a meaty combo and gets some Aces. I continue to throw after he gets them and I continue to be correct. I spin a J and punish the conservative option by throwing. I am finally successful on a J spin. I should note that these two throws tossed 7-blocks. It was delightful. I spin the J again and throw again. He plays a Chromatic Orb. I am STUNNED. I dodge the next Chromatic Orb into Patriot Mirror. I choose the Dodge/Throw mixup and it WORKS. I do that in part because all of his 7’s are gone. I spin a J and throw. I throw his 10-block and combo into Q++ for ULTRA DAMAGE. The Jack is spun again and he blocks it because we’re both safe and cautious players sometimes. I play 2 Truths because I realize I need to have actual lethal in hand off of every option. The deck delivers and I am rewarded. I dodge an Ace into a throw because I’m not sure if it’s a Joker. It’s not. I spin a Queen and play Patriot Mirror. Turns out that Chromatic Orb beats both of those. I try to throw again, but he pokes me into a normal string. My fake joker does nothing! I’m feeling loose so I play a Queen to Bonk. It bebonks his throw and I take the game.
:quince::psfist::pschip::valerie: I successfully block out two aces in the beginning and now my hand is lookin’ NICE. And by NICE I mean have 3 2 Truths in it and no face cards. I power up for some Aces. I try to poke out a throw but I just hit his block and let him build a hand. I try to dodge but then he THROWS me like a heathen. I’m not worried because he has predominantly taken the KD to set up for the next turn. I block his dodge and then I dodge his Queen. I try to throw a PM in his face but he jokers it. I go for a 6 crossup but he has the clairvoyance to block correctly. He dodges my 5 attack into a casual J++. My face is melting off. I successfully dodge a Chromatic Orb because throws just don’t seem to be on the table. I combo into Patriot Mirror to get the ball rolling. I do a K-dodge/6-attack. He blocks it correctly again. :angry: We dodge, we attack and Valerie gets the better of both of those. I joker a combo, but it wasn’t a super meaningful one. Valerie still collected her two aces. I decide to throw because it’s been working. It stops working and I get hit with a casual 3 into J++. I decide to play my 2/3 silent CotG. I hit a throw and pump with the final Ace. All of the damage makes it through. I spin a K and play the Queen to bonk the winning throw. It works. I try to combo into lethal but that doesn’t work. I spin a J and now I’m wondering if I should throw or play the J. He’s got 4 life left so I opt for the throw. I get UNDERCUT. I thought I was going to die but he didn’t have the lethal. He did draw the normal that would have made it lethal off the Aces he combo’d into though. I dodge his Ace and then hit him with the Queen for the win.
:quince::pschip::psfist::valerie: A very fast and brutal perfect. I tried to throw too many times and Valerie had the fuel to KA-MURDER me.
:quince::psfist::pschip::valerie: We start off with the throw into KD setup. I block even and prevent the 2 from blowing me up. Now I try to throw. Turns out that Valerie is faster. She knocks me down and we’re back into the setup. I block even again and I prevent yet another 2 from blowing me up. I get hit by some Aces when I try to play some fun meaty normals. Just neutral stuff really. It matters, but isn’t pivotal, except my nerves are making everything seem VITAL. I dodge an attack but Val has a joker so I have to wait to get in AGAIN. And then we go back to learning how Val’s Ace beats Quince’s normals. WEIRD. I dodge another attack and now the washing machine is loaded. I spin a J and play it honestly. I punch out an attempted counter throw. I spin another J and try to throw. This time I’m actually counterthrown. He’s got a giant hand so I throw down a bluff to prevent followup. It’s successful. I play CotG on wakeup forcing him to have the requisite number of BoS or to have played an Ace, Queen, or dodge, which limits his options. He plays a single BoS due to a mathematical error. I win combat and he’s out an important ability. I don’t pump it because I don’t have the other Ace. I spin a J and attempt to throw. The Chromatic Orb teaches me why that’s not a great idea. We dodge one another because we’re spooked and then I lead a meaty 6 attack into another 7 throw. I combo into 7Q++ for 30 damage. I’m now at 42 to his 13. I spin a J and reveal Patriot Mirror hoping to catch another counter throw. Instead I am dodged into J++. OOPS. I try to throw but catch another Chromatic Orb with my body. Now the life totals are CLOSE. I’m at 11 to his 13. I attack into a dodge and joker the followup since I have both in hand. Lethal averted. We both throw. I throw with a 7 and he throws with an 8. If he’d had his BoS, he would have changed this game. As it was, he didn’t and I was able to get lethal and take the games.

GGs snoc! This was a really good set, despite the error in the last game!


It was indeed. Here’s my PoV:


ArthurWynne vs Sharpobject

:grave: :knockdown: :psfist: :gloria:
:midori: :psfist: :knockdown: :gloria:
:midori: :knockdown: :psfist: :bbb:
:setsuki: :psfist: :knockdown: :bbb:
:setsuki: :knockdown: :psfist: :bbb: Most of these games are a blur to me, but in this one @sharpobject pulled off a great comeback that had me kicking myself for the whole rest of the evening.
:setsuki: :psfist: :knockdown: :bbb:
:setsuki: :knockdown: :psfist: :bbb:

sharpobject wins, 4-3!


sharpoBBBject :open_mouth: