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Barrelfish says, correctly, that often it is not a good idea to not use patrol, but there are situations where putting units in patrol can be the reason why you actually lose the game. Quite a few spells only targets patrollers, so choose wisely!


Thank you all for your time.


New player with a few questions

Entangling Vines isn’t channeled so it remains active if Rook dies, right?

If I assimilate Entangling Vines, do I get to recast it on someone else?

Can I use Temporal Distortion on an Immortal to get rid of Entangling Vines because it’s not “sacrificing” it?



Here’s the ruling on Spirit of the Panda, so Assimilate would work similarly for Entangling Vines:
“If an enemy unit has Spirit of the Panda attached and you Assimilate Spirit of the Panda, you now control it. It remains attached to the enemy unit and that unit still gets +2/+2 and gives its ctonroller 1 gold when it attacks. But now during YOUR upkeep, YOU get the Healing 1 effect. — Sirlin”

In other words, for attachment, it remains attached to the original target (which in this case doesn’t help you).

Yes! Indestructible units are not immune to bounce! (:



Another question. Can Geiger use his maxband ability multiple times in one turn since it doesn’t exhaust? Effectively healing all units (though they come back in as new, with all respective limitations)?

oh, right “Max level:”


Geiger’s (and other heroes’) max band ability triggers only once; the moment he reaches his max band.


is the immortal’s indestructible thing an ability? Like green can turn it into a squirrel to make it mortal?


Yep! It is indeed, and you definitely can polymorph it to make it destructible.


What is the interaction of Unstoppable (or flying, to a lesser extent) and Overpower being on the same unit (e.g. Jandra, the Negator in the presence of Shrine of Forbidden Knowledge)? If there are multiple patrollers, I know I could attack any of them or ignore them, but can I overpower whatever I want if I hit a patroller, including backline stuff (since overpower states “something else this could hit”)?

Like for example, in this game, against a patrol of Cadet + 3x Soldier, can I hit the lookout and then overpower to a backline Onimaru?


Short answer, yes.

Long answer: I think it’s similar to the Void Star example from the flying section of the FAQ upthread

Overpower allows you to hit “something else you could attack” if you hit a patroller. Unstoppable, like flying, affects what else you “could attack”, letting you bypass patrollers.

In your example with a patrol of only units, unstoppable means you can attack the squad lead as normal, bypass the squad lead to attack another patroller, or bypass the whole patrol and hit something behind. So you could:

  • Attack SQL and overpower to another patroller
  • Attack SQL and overpower to something behind the patrol (like Oni)
  • Attack the Lookout (or any non-SQL patroller) and overpower to the SQL
  • Attack the Lookout and overpower to another non-SQL patroller
  • Attack the Lookout and overpower to something behind the patrol (like Oni)
  • Attack something behind the line directly and not benefit from overpower (since you didn’t attack a patroller)

If there was a patrolling hero, things change a bit, since shrine only makes demons unstoppable by units. If there was a hero in Elite for example, your options would be:

  • Attack Elite and overpower to SQL or another patroller
  • Attack Elite and overpower to something behind the line
  • Attack a non-Elite patroller and overpower to a second patroller
  • Note that you couldn’t choose to attack something behind the line, either directly or with overpower. The patrolling hero can’t be bypassed by unstoppable from Shrine, so things behind the patrol aren’t things you “could attack”.
  • You get around this when you target the hero with your initial attack, since the patrolling units can be bypassed


If your unit can use overpower to damage Setsuki, does that count as attacking her (and thus cost 1 gold) for the purpose of her Lv. 1 ability or not?

(Yes, @ARMed_PIrate, I am finally getting back to our game! :wink:)


I don’t believe it does, no.


You have to have the 1g in reserve to pay for the attack, but you don’t actually pay for it.

I am fairly confident this was answered earlier in the thread, not that I have found it though,


Yes, that does ring a bell! I’d tried to find it here before asking, but the search feature leaves much to be desired…


Found it, apparently sharpo finds this interaction silly, and the ruling is you don’t actually need to have the 1g in order to overpower.


can I play another legendary unit or building to replace the damaged one?


from rulebook:

[quote]If a unit (or any other card type) is marked as a “legendary unit” then you can’t have more than one copy of it under your
control. If a second copy of it would come under your control, instead the second copy is discarded. [/quote]

so no. You would pay just to discard the second copy while the damaged one would still be in play


I notice that Rickety Mine has some unusual wording: takes damage rather than deals damage. Is this meant to indicate the damage is not increased by Hotter Fire?


I am inclined to agree with that interpretation.


No, I don’t think so.