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Unclear. Does hotter fire increase rickety mine damage?


Yes, I think Hotter Fire increases the damage Rickety Mine deals to your base.


If you kill a unit that has a Soul Stone attached to it with a -1/-1 rune (from Wither, for instance), does the Soul Stone remove the rune or just the damage as it detaches?


just the dmg. soul stone gives a +1/+1 not a + rune.


Perfection. I killed a Plasmodium with a Soul Stone and I was wondering if it would return as a 4/4 or 3/3 (-). Thanks!


Why is it printed as last phase in a player’s turn on the board (and, as I remember it, in the rulebook as well)?
I found it to be an interesting in-game decision: attack to make my opponent draw 1 card potentially just teched? I see the empty draw pile and have to evaluate that patroller differently.


I understand the intention to be that you spend the opponent’s turn evaluating your tech options. It is printed as the last step of a turn, because that is what you are supposed to spend your time on after passing the turn to your opponent. You don’t actually have to interact with your opponent, because the game is designed to be asynchronous. But you are expected to finish before your next turn starts, so the (somewhat arbitrary) idea is that it makes more sense printed as the last step of every turn, instead of the first step of every turn except your first turn.

In practice I end up watching my opponent instead of really thinking about techs because it informs my tech decision, and because they might make a rules mistake.

A technician when the draw pile is empty is a very different beast from a technician when the draw pile has cards, because you end up having to weigh the costs and benefits of causing the reshuffle before the tech cards are added to the pile, or allowing your opponent to keep whatever is in technician and reshuffle into the tech options.


I did understand how it was written above and how it was meant, I understand the asynchronous play concept well (it is explained well in the rules) , point/question was “is it official ruling?”. I seem to have skipped over that rule part on several read throughs.
That it does change the technician slot, yes, I have mentioned that, changing gameplay via A or B ruling is not argument enough to say A/B is not correct, i.e. official.


Page 6 of the rule book explicitly states that you set aside your teched cards during your tech phase, and that they go into your discard pile just before you start your next turn. This contradicts page 2 which says you add 2 cards to your discard pile during your tech phase. Page 21 says you add them to your discard pile, but don’t “have to” finish this until the start of your next turn, suggesting it’s the player’s choice exactly when his tech’d cards go into the discard pile.

Clearly, there’s some suboptimal wording, but considering page 6 has the only explanation detailed enough to mention that teching cards becomes optional once you get 10 workers, I think it should be the definitive source. I don’t know of any official ruling confirming that, though.


I’m fairly certain it’s been confirmed by sharpo, official rules guy, that they go in at the start of your turn.


Oh, really skipped that completely in my tiny brains, maybe because of the other formulations and fooled myself with the game board print :frowning:.
Sorry for overlooking it.
For my casual playing it may not matter much, but will come up sooner or later, for more ambitious gaming it should have an official clarification.
Thank you for the clear reply with rulebook sources.


Then I take it as official. Thank you all very much for clearing this up for me!


If a Hardened Mox and an Abomination are in play with no attachments/runes on the Mox, it will be permanently exhausted. If Vortoss Emblem would be cast on Mox in this state, it is immediately removed. I believe if a +1/+1 rune were placed on the Mox, it would become a 1/1 unit that’s able to attack, patrol, etc. But, what if Soul Stone were cast on the Mox? Would the Stone immediately be discarded because it was cast on a 0/0 Indestructible unit, or would the +1/+1 from the Stone mean that the Mox is no longer in the state of being 0/0, and therefore attachments aren’t discarded?


I believe it would get the effect, making it 1/1, so that its attachments wouldn’t be discarded.



That’s what I was inclined to think, but it really could go either way… Good thing you already lit the bat sharpo signal. :wink:


I’m inclined to think that it stays attached after comparing the Sirlin ruling to the rules text for Legendary (which are discarded if they would arrive, as opposed to gets an attachment which suggests the attachment already entered play). But, considering the inconsistency of the tech phase wording in the rules, I’m not confident about my interpretation.


I think Soul Stone stays in play. I don’t think there is any moment in between “Soul Stone is attached” and “Soul Stone grants +2/+2”. Whenever Soul Stone is attached, Mox has +2/+2. Which implies that if Mox doesn’t have +2/+2, then Soul Stone is not attached.

If Mox has +2/+2, it’s HP is >0. It doesn’t “die” and Soul Stone is not discarded
If Mox doesn’t have +2/+2, then that means Soul Stone is not attached. Therefore there is nothing to discard


If you use a single attachment to bring your Mox above 0 health, the attachment will stay in play.


Note that the Mox would still be exhausted immediately after playing soul stone, so it wouldn’t be able to do much until the next ready phase.


I’ve noticed the “takes damage” wording is also used by Shrine of Forbidden Knowledge and in the rulebook to describe base damage resulting from tech/add-on destruction. Morningstar Pass prevents damage dealt to buildings. So, a consequence of the Hotter Fire/Rickety Mine ruling that “takes damage” and “deals damage” are interchangeable is that a player with Morningstar Pass can benefit from Shrines, benefit from Mines, and change add-ons every turn without their base HP decreasing.