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well, imo, no. in the case of mis read ability u sac all 5 skele at once as a cost, garth sacrifices one at the time. What u are suggesting is that one could sac a skele for sac the weak, and for that single skele draw for garth midband, pay 1/5 of skeletal lord and eventually activate a doom grasp at the same time. That would be simply ridicoulus


I don’t think doom grasp & sacrifice the weak would count because they’re not costs paid in the form of X->Y.

But it’s not that much different from having 2 drill sergeants and 2 garrisons out, then playing a unit from hand and getting 2 buffs and 2 cards drawn.

Regardless, we’re all agreed that “Paying Cost X” is not a trigger.


I want some clarifications about flying. I have a flyer and my opponent has anti air. Can the flying unit deal damage to any creature if I want? Maybe I don’t want to fly over. Also if I attack directly the base the anti air attacks automatically and my flier dies? Also can the anti air unit attack my flyer if he wants or because is a ground unit he passes automatically? So flying can be a bad thing because I can’t defend properly is that right?


Yes, a flying unit can attack anything you want as long as there isn’t a flying patroller to block its path, but if your unit had to fly over an anti-air patroller to get there it’ll take damage from the anti-air patroller. That includes the opponent’s base.


Thanks. I was a little confused by the rulebook. One more question. If I summon units is it obligatory to assign them as patrollers?


No it is not. You can choose to patrol no units/heroes if you want (though often that’s not a good idea!)


Also, I wrote up more than you ever wanted to know about how flying works here


OK thank you for your time


One more question. Opponent plays sacrifice the weak. I have two units. One indestructible and another one. The weakest one is the indestructible. Can I chose this one and sacrifice nothing?
Also with - 1-1 counters it says exhausted forever. Does that mean that it won’t ever go to the graveyard?


From the rulings on Indestructible:

Some effects like Obliterate, Sacrifice the Weak, and Death Rites ask a player to destroy or sacrifice the unit that is the least according to some ordering. These effects skip units with Indestructible and units that cannot leave play. — sharpo


Also, the active player makes all the choices, so when your opponent plays Sacrifice the Weak, they get to choose which of your units dies if there is a tie for weakest.


Τhank you. Yes I saw the ruling but I still wonder if exhausted forever means just leaving the creature in game. If it has abilities can I use Them? Non exhaust abilities


there are only 2 indestructible units in teh game: mox and immortal. both have no abilities. if they would have been exhausted forever with -1 runes, and if they somehow got non exhaust abilities they could still use them, but would never be allowed to attack or patrol unless the runes where removed.


To phrase it a bit more simply, if an Indestructible unit has enough -1/-1 runes that it has 0 HP it doesn’t go to the discard. Instead, as you said, it stays on the board until something can either get rid of the runes or remove it from play another way (for example, Undo would send it to its owner’s hand). The Indestructible ability does force it to remain exhausted, though, so it can’t attack or patrol.


I just want to confirm my understanding of a technical point.

A number of cards have the language “remove an X -> do XYZ”. Off the top of my head, examples are spore shambler, drill-sgt, blooming ancient, tricycloid.

My question is, can this removal happen in batches or does it need to happen one at a time (potentially in a series)?

I can imagine 2 use cases where this point is significant.

  1. a flagbearer must be targeted for any event where it is a valid target, if multiple runes can be removed as a “single event” only 1 would need to target the flagbearer --but if it is a series then the flagbearer is the only valid target.
  2. similarly, if runes are “keeping the card alive” by buffing the unit --can these runes be given away? If runes must be given 1 at a time, as soon as the unit reached 0 HP it would die and all further runes would poof --but this wouldn’t be the case if runes could be given in batches.


It’s one at a time, each of which is a separate action that gets resolved separately (when the ability says “remove an x”, it really means “an x” and not “some x’es”)

In your examples:

  1. As long as your opponent has a flagbearer in play, each time you play the ability it must target the flagbearer.
  2. if the runes are keeping the card alive by buffing the unit (say drill sergeant or blooming ancient that took some combat damage), then as soon as you move the rune that drops the unit to 0 HP, the unit dies and the rest of the runes go with it.


TY Barrelfish, that directly answers my question.

EDIT - is there some tag system for this thread that I am not aware?

Hobusu cited a post about trashing-workers & teching that was super helpful, so clearly there is good information in here, but I wasn’t able to discover this on my own using the search-feature / cntrl+f (and 2700 posts are a lot to manually scan).


use the search feature (i mean the magnifying glass icon) then select the search this topic only.
I usually do like this.


Unfortunately, because there’s over 2000 posts in this thread Ctrl+F doesn’t really work because most of them aren’t loaded at any given time. The magnifying glass icon built into the forum page is the only way to search this topic that works, though even that isn’t exactly ideal…


@-“an admin” could legions tip about search icon + ck box this thread only be pinned to the top of the thread?

I did not notice that at all and self-service is usually the best option where possible.