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If you play a second Legendary unit (e.g. Zaramonde), does it get to trigger ‘Arrives:’ abilities before it’s discarded due to the Legendary state-based effect?


No. There are two parts to the legendary rule. One is written explicitly in the official rulebook:

If a second copy of it would come under your control, instead the second copy is discarded.

This part handles any cases where you would be able to trigger the “Arrives:” ability of a Legendary unit while already controlling another copy of a unit with the same name. It says that if you try to do that, the new copy doesn’t arrive at all.

The other part is written a bit less explicitly:

You can never, ever have two copies of a given legendary unit at the same time, even if some other rules implies you can. This supersedes all other rules about legendaries.

This tells us some facts about what kind of game states we expect to see, but it doesn’t tell us e.g. which copy of DeGrey to get rid of if a player controls two copies of DeGrey after a Polymorph: Squirrel expires. In my rules engine I think I am keeping the one that has been DeGrey under the controller’s control the longest, or the one that has been DeGrey the longest if there is a tie for that, or the one that is oldest if there is a tie for that, or a random one if there is a tie for that.


I think it would be easier to rule “if a second legendary is about to be available in players board, it is instead discarded”

It needs more lawyer language but it works:

You can pay the cost for legendary and play it while you already have another copy in play but instead of arriving it will go directly to discard and no arrive or dies effects trigger

If polymorph effect is about to wear off and therefore a second legendary would be introduced in the same board, this unit will instead go to discard without triggering dies effects



Jailed units are discarded if the Jail is destroyed.

Are they also discarded if the Jail is trashed (from Detonate), or are they trashed by the explosion as well? (Thematically, it would make sense that if the Jail can’t be rebuilt, the critter inside can’t be rebuilt either.) I assume the answer is no, and I missed my opportunity, but it seems worth having the answer on the record.


I’m pretty sure we’ve had a previous ruling on Graveyard, and the answer was that units inside are destroyed, not trashed.


If a token is returned to hand, it is trashed. (Doesnt die)

Correct ?


Yes. Dieing in Codex is defined as a unit/hero going from play to the discard pile. Trashing is completely different.


If the Jail leaves play for any reason, the units inside each go to their owner’s discard pile.


A Wandering Mimic is played while a unit with haste is on the board, so the Mimic copies haste from that unit. If the hasty unit is killed during the turn, does the Mimic lose haste at that moment (ie cannot attack if it hasn’t already done so) or does it retain the haste as it’s an arrival ability? And if the haste is retained as an arrival ability, does that mean that a second Mimic would copy haste from the first Mimic if it’s still around on a subsequent turn?


It loses haste when no other units have haste. So if it hasn’t attacked at that point, it won’t be able to attack this turn unless some other unit starts to have haste for some reason or you grant it haste with an effect like Bloodlust.


The mimic’s ability does not say “Arrives: X”


Any insight on the following scenario would be appreciated:

My ground unit (without anti-air) attacks an opponents non-SQL patroller. However the opponent has a flying unit in SQL-- would the opponent’s SQL flying unit also deal damage to my attacker?


No, flying units do not deal damage to ground units that pass under them.


New question:

I have a unit with a -1/-1 rune on it. If I cast Manufactured Truth on it and copy something else, does my rune still exist for that turn? My gut says it’s still there, so if I copy a 3/3 I’m actually getting a 2/2 and if I copy a 1/1 I just killed it. I know it doesn’t get any runes from the unit it’s copying, but I’m not sure about runes on itself. Thanks!


Manufactured Truth doesn’t interact with runes at all. It just changes one of your units printed stats into those of another unit. Any runes on the changed unit will remain (and still apply their effects), and if you choose a unit with runes to copy from, MT will copy the printed stats and ignore any runes.

So, if the unit you’re changing with MT has a -1/-1 rune on it, it will still get -1/-1 after MT takes effect. So if you’ve copied from a 3/3 unit, it will be 2/2 and if you’ve copied from a 1/1 unit, it will die. Note that the same is true of damage - if your MTed unit has 1 point of damage, and you turn it into a 1/1, it will immediately die. Likewise, if you MT a 1/1 into a 3/3 and then it takes a point of damage during the turn, it will die as soon as it reverts back to being a 1/1.


That’s what I thought. Thanks!


Imagine it’s like a physical set.
The physical rune sits on the physical card.
You can do whatever you want to that card, but the rune is still sitting there.


Deathtouch vs Overpower

What happens when an attacker with Overpower dies while attacking the first patroller? Does the excess combat damage still cascade to an additional target?

I can see this being an issue when attacking a patroller with Swift Strike, Deathtouch, or even when just attacking someone who has enough attack points to kill your attacker, but not enough hp or armor to avoid excess combat damage.

Thanks and looking forward to your replies! Would be great if the answer can be added to the rulings spreadsheet too.


My guess is that Overpower happens simultaneously with your attack: meaning it will cascade despite death by Deathtouch or combat damage but it will not cascade if the defender has Swift Strike (unless the attacker also has Swift Strike). What do you think?



Assume you have Tiny Basilisk with two +1/+1runes and Growth Tech2 Tree in play giving basiliak overpower.
Tiny Basilisk is now deathtouch and overpower 3/4

Your opponent has below patrollers
Squad leader 1/1
Elite 4/4
Scavenger 1/1
Lookout 2/2

You cannot attack squad leader with 1 touchdeath damage killing it and assigning 2 remaining damage to kill lookout

You must use 2 damage first then transfer the excess 1dmg to either Elite,Scavenger, or lookout.

Now I am not sure if you the excess 1dmg has deathtouch property and can kill the Elite or not

For deathtouch unit with overpower, does the excess overpower damage also have deathtouch property ?