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What about Stampede?


Stampede also will not redirect Sparkshot damage.


I can see why, but I think it would be awkward to have red units with Anti-air dealing more damage to flying units than non-flying ones. I guess it wouldn’t be terrible though…


I don’t think it should apply to anti-air or overpower, just sparkshot. To be clear, it currently applies to none of those things.


It’s a bit arbitrary to have it just affect sparkshot, since the other two are both “abilities that deal damage,” but I agree with you in terms of the spirit of the effects:

Anti-air and Overpower both have to do with directing damage that is already “there” in the form of a units ATK stat. Sparkshot creates new additional damage (albeit still combat damage), which seems to be what Hotter Fire is all about boosting. Also, it’s literally called “spark shot” which means a shot made out of a bit of fire, so it makes sense that Hotter Fire would mean hotter sparks.

Also, anything that makes Jaina better is worthwhile in my book.


Is sparkshot considered ability or combat damage ?

Gilded glaxx on scavenger and opponent have 1g (glaxx already has 2hp left)
A)Jaina has 2 sparkshot (elite training) attacks technician…
Gilded glaxx dies and leave play from sparkshot combat damage?

B)Jaina has 1 hotter fire attacks technician
Gilded glaxx dies but dont leave play from sparkshot ability


Would sentry prevent 1 sparkshot damage (as of current rulings)?


Both of these are already specifically dealt with by current rulings in the database. Yes, Sparkshot is combat damage and it can kill Glaxx, and it will be prevented by Sentry.


In that case hotter fire should give red unit/hero with sparkshot +1 on the sparkshot. Unless the definition of “red ability” excludes sparkshot somehow.

I understand that curren ruling say sparkshot is not boosted by hotter fire.


Hotter fire specifically should increase the damage of spark shot to the one target by one, not allow you to target two things.


Pretty sure no one was saying hotter fire would allow you to hit 2 things with 1 sparkshot.


Question inspired by recent bgg question

If you kill opponent’s technician Insurance Agent that is insuring himself, do you have any say on what happen first?

IA goes to discard
IA gives 1g and 1draw
Technician give 1card

This would make a difference if you can make opponent reshuffle and draw then send IA to discard


When something dies, it has already gone to the discard before resolving other things. “Dies” means it has been sent to the discard. Graveyard moves things from the discard and to the graveyard, and reteller of truths moves things from discard to hand. Heroes die and move from the discard to the command zone because they are heroes. Tokens move to the discard and then vanish from existence, as they are prone to do.


What if there is a Bamstamper Lizzo instead of the Hooded Executioner, arriving where the opponent has three Abominations, one of which has 3 damage left to lethal, and deals 3 damage to that Abomination using his Arrives: ability? Will he survive?

The crucial difference is that an “Arrives” effect works on “queue-able” speed, and state-based actions work on “all the time” speed, and I think that in this case the Lizzo will die and then kill the abomination (Lizzo arrives; Arrives trigger goes to queue; state-base actions are checked, Lizzo dies for 0 HP; queued effects resolve). Whereas “boost on units” HE’s ability works at “as you play this card” speed, which means it resolves before the “all the time” speed of the state-based actions (HE arrives; text on card resolves; state-based actions are checked and find HE healthy).

Is it correct?


I think you’re correct, but it depends on whether the game checks for state-based effects before it looks for triggered effects, which I don’t think has been ruled on. If the game looks for state-based effects before it checks for triggered effects, then Lizzo dies before it’s ‘Arrives:’ trigger fires. Otherwise, I think it will play out in the way you said: ‘Arrives:’ trigger enters the queue, Lizzo dies to state-based effects, ‘Arrives:’ ability resolves, and one Abom snuffs it.


This is mostly correct. For hooded executioner, the boost will happen before he arrives.


You do get the “Arrives” trigger even if your unit dies right away.


Does Lizzo die?

(Sorry if I seem pestering, just want to be clear.)


Yes, Lizzo definitely dies.


Yeah he dies before the 3 damage happens