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Hey guys, Hooded Executioner should survive when you play him with Boost against 3x Abominations.


My opponent has a patrol zone of five Ninja tokens (Ninja Alice, Ninja Beth, Ninja Cynthia, Ninja Diana, Ninja Eve). I cast Elite Training (+1 atk, +1 armor, grant anti-air and sparkshot) on the Trojan Duck, then attack Ninja Alice with the duck. The duck obliterates Alice and another tech-0 unit who’s not patrolling. What happens?

Do I re-choose the attacked unit (let’s say to Diana) and then have a choice of who to sparkshot (between Cynthia and Eve)? Or have I chosen the sparkshot recipient (Beth) during attack declaration and now the duck sparkshots her? Or is the sparkshot ability lost because it cannot reach the original recipient anymore?


Obliterate happens first, then you resolve other stuff.


As @Bomber678 said, Obliterate is an attack triggered effect, and so it happens before the attack is resolved and combat damage is dealt. When the original target of an attack no longer exists after attack triggered effects have all resolved, a new target is chosen, and the attack is resolved against that target, which includes dealing combat damage. Sparkshot happens simultaneous with combat damage being dealt, so you choose which other patroller you want to deal damage to at that point.

So in your example, if you choose Diana as the new target of the attack, then when you deal damage to Diana, you choose either Cynthia or Eve to deal Sparkshot damage to.


Quick question about obliterate that I’ve tried and failed to find the answer to, how are targets chosen if there are more than 2 units sharing “lowest tech”?

I’ve played a couple of games of the starter set and we assumed the attacker chooses, as unlike some other cards I’ve seen, obliterate makes no mention of “weakness” and taking into account attack value of units when deciding.


If there are multiple legal targets, the active player chooses which units to destroy. As you’ve noted, for Obliterate, unit attack values are irrelevant.


You choose (I’ve asked it before and Jadiel answered.)


if the attacking card has obliterate 3, for example and there are 4 Tech 0 cards on the field the attacker choses which 3 will get destroyed. plz note that obliterate skips all indistructible units.


Was there ever official clarification on whether armor piercing applies to abilities? I’m pretty sure there was discussion about it earlier in the thread. I think this is pretty much only relevant to Ferocity, but it would still be nice to know how it works. So, assuming I have cast Ferocity this turn:

  • Does my Firebat pierce armor if I use his ability against SQL
  • Does my Xenostalker pierce when using his ‘Attacks:’ triggered effect
  • Do units with Sparkshot or Overpower ignore armor on additional targets which they deal damage to?


Armor Piercing applies to combat damage. This includes Sparkshot and Overpower.


If I give centaur ferocity and stealth, then kill a lookout 1/1 and assign excess damage to squad leader, squad leader armor wont work ??
If Huntress with ferocity and stealth attacks elite wisp, sparkshot would kill squad leader wisp?


That’s all correct.


Except you’d need to attack the Squad leader first…


Not if the Centaur has stealth.


Wow I always thought armor piercing is only for the actual attack.

This is soooo weird


Another weird corner-case question which is bugging me…

RAW, it looks like I should be able to Overpower Sparkshot damage. If I have a unit with Overpower and two instances of Sparkshot, and I deal two damage to an adjacent unit with only 1 HP, can I Overpower that excess 1 damage? If I can, are there any additional restrictions on where the damage goes? Is it resolved simultaneously with my regular Overpower damage?

Is the answer the same for a unit with double Sparkshot and Stampede?


Double sparkshots are two seperate instances of combat damage. Overpower takes excess combat damage and sends it to another target, but sparkshot creates a single point of damage and hits an adjacent target, which i don’t know how you could get any excess with only 1 point of damage.

HOWEVER, hotter fire plus jaina sparkshot COULD apply 2 (or 3!) points from 1 sparkshot to a target. In that case, I could see an argument for overpower on any excess. Same is true for any red unit with 2 instances of elite training, hotter fire, and blooming elm/+1 rune. (Fire/Peace/Growth deck!)


That maybe true, but the only current clarification says

Which could mean that you deal 2 damage once, or one damage twice. As far as I understand the timing rules of the game, there isn’t any difference between those anyway, but I could easily be wrong about that.

I’m pretty sure there a ruling saying that Hotter Fire doesn’t affect abilities which deal combat damage, so Sparkshot won’t deal extra damage there.


You can’t use Overpower to redirect damage dealt by Sparkshot or by Overpower.


That’s right.
This is one of relatively few things I’d like to change.