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Match with MR has been pushed back to Sunday @ 3:30pm


MysticDeadman vs Ivan
Wednesday, 07.03 - 19.30 UTC


lower bracket
CKR vs Ivan
Saturday, 10.03 - 21.30 UTC


mysticjuicer vs Fluffiness
Saturday Mar 10 @ 3pm Eastern



As soon as sharpo shows up


ThreeHeadedMonkey vs Niijima-san
IYL6 Round 2
5pm EDT Friday 16th of March


Yomi Olympic Carnival
Winner’s Finals
@FenixOfTheAshes (:degrey::onimaru::menelker:) vs. @Legion (:valerie::grave::geiger:)
Tomorrow at 9pm GMT+1 / 3pm CDT


Me versus bomber, 1AM GMT

aka a little less than 2 hours from now I think


Yomi Olympic Carnival Top 8 Action

CKR vs @Caralad
Tonight @ 7pm EDT

Come check out the carnival action. You may see a man with a giant sword or a real life female ninja. This is going to be a night to remember. You will tell your grandchildren about the spectacle.


AutoTO: Schedule @ 03/16/18 09:15 PM EST

IYL tournament match:
Niijima-san vs Desiderata


Unfortunately, right now this only works in private messages.


Fluffy vs Fenix, IYL

TOnight at 10 EDT


In about half an hour (7:30 UTC) I will be playing @Zqxx in YOC Top 6.


In about half an hour.

@JonnyD vs @Niijima-san

super srs yomi stufz with the high stakes of forum quick matches.



Caralad vs @jamie-chan

@ 7pm UTC 3/30/18


Forum QM
MR vs Ivan /again :slight_smile:/
Thursday, 29/03/18 - 18.30 UTC


mysticjuicer vs FenixOfTheAshes
IYL 6 pools
Friday @ 4pm Eastern


mysticjuicer vs flagrantangles
IYL 6 pools
Monday @ 7:30pm Eastern


Caralad vs @MysticDeadman
IYL Pools
Sunday @ 6pm UTC

Who will be the true April Fool?


Desiderata vs @migohunter
Friday @ 10pm EST


Copper versus Niijima-san in like 40 minutes (12PM PST / 3PM EST)