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This has been delayed to the coming Saturday because I don’t understand the meaning of Statutory Holidays and their impact on my ability to do my grocery shopping. RIP.


Legion vs Ivan
Wednesday, 04/04/18 - 19.00 UTC


mysticjuicer vs flagrantangles
IYL 6 pools
Saturday @ 10AM Central/11AM Eastern


variable vs Ivan
Thursday, 05/04/2018 - 15.00 UTC


And before that!

IYL6 - Dreadlands
@ArthurWynne vs @snoc

Thursday 05/04/2018 - 13.00 UTC - that’s right, one hour from this announcement!

Be there or be elsewhere!

Edited because of the scourge of DST.


2hours, mate.,12&h=100&sts=25381440&sln=14-15&a=preview


Daylight savings strikes again. Sorry for the confusion, that’s 13.00 UTC -I.e, in five minutes’ time!


Yomi Olympic Carnival

Losers Semi’s: Caralad vs @Fivec

@ 04/08/2018 18:00 PM UTC


Aw yeah! I’ll be there!


mysticjuicer vs Leontes
Saturday @ 1pm Eastern


Forum QM
Ivan vs flagrantangles
Saturday, 14/04 - 1.30pm Eastern


IYL - CKR vs @mysticjuicer
Time - Sunday @ 3pm EDT
Stakes - Zane or Troq will be destroyed. This is the MU you all have been waiting for. The meta will be permanently changed.


IYL 6 - DreadLands
GutterOwl vs Ivan
Monday, 23/04/18 - 11.30 PDT


Yomi Olympic Carnival: Grand Finals

FenixOfTheAshes (US Midwest, :menelker::degrey::onimaru:) vs @Fivec (USA, :setsuki::geiger::troq:)

Tomorrow @ 9am PDT


Bah! I will miss it. :frowning: Someone cast plz?


Will do. Xxxxxx


Short notice, but snoc and I will be playing in about 40 minutes time. (8:10 BST is current ETA)


Forum QM
Ivan vs MR
Today, 30/04/18 - 19:30 UTC


mysticjuicer vs Rinzler
Thursday @ 8pm Eastern


mysticjuicer vs CarpeGuitarrem
Sunday @ 4pm Eastern