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Yomi Olympic Carnival
mysticjuicer vs Ivan
:troq: :onimaru: :zane: vs. :midori: :jaina: :degrey:
Sunday, Feb 18 @ 2:30pm Eastern


Yomi Olympic Carnival.

Caralad vs SouthpawHare
:troq::zane::degrey: vs :gloria::zane::bbb:
Sunday, Feb 11 @ 4pm Eastern


yooooo! I can commentate this! HYPEHYPEHYPE!


Yomi Olympics

@Niijima-san vs CKR

Today @ 6pm EST



Zqxx v @flagrantangles

Tomorrow (Monday, Feb. 12) @ 2:30pm PST.

Come watch me most likely get knocked down to Losers’ when I can’t win a game with :midori: against @flagrantangles’s stable of dragon killers. :no_mouth:

But hey, upsets are what Yomi is made of! :wink:


FaceOnMars vs. lum_at_1st_sight
Thursday 9:00PM EST 8:00PM CST


Ivan vs Legion
:jaina::midori::degrey: vs :geiger::grave::valerie:
20.02, Tuesday - 20.00 UTC


FaceOnMars vs. Caralad
Thursday 4:00pm EST, 9:00pm UTC (or shortly thereafter)

Caralad :troq: :degrey: :zane:
FaceOnMars :degrey: :lum: :gwen:


Yomi Olympics 2018
mysticjuicer vs snoc
:troq: :onimaru: :zane: vs :setsuki: :lum: :gloria:
Sunday @ 3pm


YOC? QM ranked?


edited the post


Forum QM
Ivan vs MR75
Saturday, 24.02 - 09.00am UTC


@Fivec vs @ArthurWynne


Sunday, 25.02 - 17.00 GMT


Yomi Olympics
mysticjuicer vs MR
:troq: :onimaru: :zane: vs :grave: :menelker: :gwen:
Sunday Mar 4 @ 1pm Eastern


Forum Ranked
FaceOnMars vs. Hobusu
Tuesday Feb 27 @ 6:00pm EST


Forum Ranked
Ivan vs Niijima-san
Friday, 02.03.18 - 4.00pm EST


Please commentate this when ye can, juicer! I’m looking forward to this one!! :smiley_cat:


Caralad vs @Bomber678
Yomi Olympic Carnival
3/2/18 10pm UTC


IYL 666
mysticjuicer vs FaceOnMars
Sunday @ 8pm Eastern


Update. My match with bomber will shortly be followed by my IYL6 match with @ArthurWynne