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mysticjuicer vs Southpaw Hare
Lum’s Long Odds
Saturday, Nov 18 @ 4:30pm


mysticjuicer vs KenkakuKnight
G L O R I A _ B A T T L E
Thursday, Nov 23rd @ 8pm Eastern

Edit: Rescheduled to Sunday Nov 26th @ 6pm Eastern


mysticjuicer vs CKR
Lum’s Long Odds
Wednesday, Nov 22 @ 8pm Eastern

Edit: moved this to same time next week, Nov 29th.


mysticjuicer vs sharpobject
Gloria Mirror Extravaganza
Sunday, Dec 3rd @ 1:30pm Eastern


mysticjuicer vs Three Headed Monkey
Lum’s Long Odds
Saturday, Dec 16th @ 5pm Eastern


We’re pushing this back an hour. :slight_smile:



Posted results in wrong thread :smiley:


LLO - MR vs Ivan
19.12. Tuesday - 19.00 UTC


Match re-scheduled for tomorrow, 20.12 - 21 UTC


mysticjuicer vs Fusxfaranto
Today, Monday Jan 1 @ 7pm Eastern


mysticjuicer vs Hobusu
Saturday @ 2:30pm Eastern


SCS 3 Losers Finals

Caralad vs Sharpobject.
Saturday 13th of January, at 8pm UTC


LLO - SPH vs Ivan
Today /12.01.18/ - 11.00pm EST


Single Character Showdown: Gloria
Grand Finals
mysticjuicer (w) vs sharpobject (l)
Sunday @ 4pm Eastern


MJ vs sharpo! happening about…


Lum’s Long Odds: the Final Round
mysticjuicer vs Hamvvar
Saturday Jan 27 @ 2pm Eastern


LLO - Final Round
thehug0naut vs Ivan
Tuesday, 30/01/2018, 7pm UTC


Lol let’s go @thehug0naut! Spare me my shame of dropped spaghetti


Ivan vs Lum_at_1st_sight
Today, 10.02.18, 20:00 UTC


@Legion and I face off at 10am EST (GMT-5) on Sat, Feb. 10th for anyone interested in watching.,5&h=121&sts=25303620&sln=16-17&a=preview