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Post Here if you're looking for a Play by Forum Opponent


hello dear forum-players!

wanna try some forum-codex again after roughly two years of absence!

i’ll give it a try with [demonology]/necro/finesse and rolled a 69


looking for a game to get back into it. ill play mono-blue, rn 82


I think @hardy83 got a game, so I’ll duel that monoblue @codexnewb :slight_smile:

I randomed [Fire]/Past/Peace for a deck and 54/100, you go ahead and go first with your [nice] 69 roll


I’d like to give PbF a try. I’d like to run [Bashing]/Growth/Balance and I rolled a 50.


hi @Nopethebard! i’ll take you on with [discipline]/strength/finesse. i rolled a 22 - so you go first! gl & hf!


What do I do to set up the forum thread?


At the top of the list of threads there is a new topic button on the right.


Okay thank you.


I’m looking to start another forum game! I’m playing mono red this time.
I rolled 54


I’m game @Nopethebard! Pick a mono-color deck you wanna play against and PM me, I rolled 91 so I’ll post us a thread to start!


I’m sorry. I already started a game with Hardy83 and I don’t think I should be juggling two games at once, at least not until I get more used to PbF. Thanks anyway though.