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Post Here if you're looking for a Play by Forum Opponent


@Marto rdn 61, I will play [Balance]/Demonology/Past


@James If you’re still looking I’ll take that on with [Peace/Truth]/Discipline, random 32 so I’d start?


Sounds good! Do you want to make the thread?


I’m up for other Experimental changes games. For now I stick to monopurple, open to play vs other monos or multicolors. Random 69


@marto I’ll play another experimental, monoblack. random 14, you start.


randomed [bashing]/law/ninjitsu. rn 79


@codexnewb I randomed [Present]/Demonology/Necromancy rdn 6, you go first


Anyone up for some draft practice?


I’m in, it seems i need a little practise as well ! random 85


Random 64, you start!


Well then you can create the topic and make your first pick :slight_smile:


Ah, right, forgot that’s how it works!


Looking for draft matches (random 57), or and monocolour matches as Green (random 52).


I’ll draft with ya @charnel_mouse, I rolled 12 so you want p1 or first pick?


I’ll go P1, you start!


@FrozenStorm You pick first, so you start the thread :slight_smile:


It looks like XCAPS has consumed all the oxygen here, but if anyone is looking for a casual match, I’d love a go.


The first couple weeks of a tourney when no one has been eliminated that’s usually the case @MindstabThrull, but now that some folks are out (like me), I’m happy to take some casual games. Start a thread with w/e matchup you wanna play with and against


I’m down to play some more Codex. I’ll probably mostly play Blue. I rolled a 44. Any takers?


[Necro]/Blood/Finesse here, rolled a 13, let’s do it!