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Post Here if you're looking for a Play by Forum Opponent

Hi @Omniraptor, ill give it a shot as anarchy/strength/growth. random number 43. Turn 1 to you!

starting deck anarchy i assume?

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yeah! red starter. i typically list the starting deck as the first of the three specs.

Looking to test a new build as a candidate for the upcoming tournament, [Feral]/Peace/Strength.

I’ll take that up, I need the practice too! Starting with [Blood]/Growth/Ninjitsu, random 58.

Anyone looking for a game? I want to try [ :codexmidori: Balance ] / :codexgrave: Discipline / :codexorpal: Disease. Roll [1…100] is 95.

I want to start a game. I’ll play mono blue and I rolled a 41.

I want to take another shot at getting [Necromancy]/Growth/Blood to work. Random #18.

29 and I’ll go (discipline)/strength/finesse

Looking to try yet another build, [Feral]/Discipline/Truth. Random #30. Persephone, are you still waiting for an opponent?


I’d like to start a match. I’m playing mono white and rolled a 12.

Looking to try out a few more games with [past/ future]/finesse any takers? Random rolled a very nice 69

Random deck [Feral]/Finesse/Discipline and random number 70. Win by 1! Did @Nopethebard start a game already? Let me know if you were still looking.

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I’m still looking. You get first turn

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I almost finished posting a turn with @FrozenStorm. I will roll another deck and a number to start shortly. Give me a couple minutes. Thanks,

@Nopethebard [Necromancy/Demonology]/Law and random number 84

Looking to test another new build, [Discipline]/Fire/Truth. rnd 41

@Nekoatl how is it going? random deck [Feral]/Fire/Necro, random number 16. You go first!

anyone up for a game against [strength/discipline]/blood? i rolled a 41

@hardy I’d like to test [Balance]/Ninjutsu/Disease. rnd 65, so I’ll create a thread.