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Post Here if you're looking for a Play by Forum Opponent


@Shadow_Night_Black Oops, higher number should go first huh, I will create a thread and start as P1.


Latest experimental deck: [Fire]/Blood/Truth #33


How many 1 cost units are you trying to shove into one deck?

I’ll take you on with Necro/Blood/Truth, cause evil goatee mirror sounds fun!

Random 22!


Looking to test drive [Discipline]/Necromancy/Past (mixed colour deck), random 82.


I’ll face you with [Future]/Anarchy/Strength, trying something new. Random 2, you start !


Looking to try [Past/Future]/Peace, random 58.


@Nekoatl I’ll take you on with [Finesse]/Demonology/Growth, rn=34


Yet another new build to try: [Present/Future]/Blood rnd 34


@Nekoatl I will take you on as [Balance/Growth]/Strength rn 53, I will start first.


Anybody up for a couple games? I will play mono green rn 43.


@bansa I’ll play you as mono/White, rnd=84


Looking for mono-colour games with Green, random 9. Let’s see whether being here for a year has improved my game any.

Also looking for mixed-colour games with [Strength]/Necromancy/Past, random 69.


@charnel_mouse I will take you on with mono Red, random: 94


Looking to try [Present]/Discipline/Demon now that I’ve been eliminated from the tourny. rn=39.


@Dreamfire, if you don’t have a taker yet, i’d like to try [Blood]/Fire/Finesse. rn 57.


@codexnewb Sounds good, go ahead and open the thread!


Looking for some games! I will go [Peace]/Truth/Finesse, rn 3 :slight_smile:


Looking for a match using the “experimental changes” thread, specifically the changes in the first post. We can play random decks, mono, whatever.

random 53


@zhavier I’m up for testing the changes. Thinking of trying monoblack or nightmare. rn=23


I’m up for some testing as well, starting with mono purple. random 7