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Post Here if you're looking for a Play by Forum Opponent


@charnel_mouse I’ll take you on with [Balance]/Truth/Present. rn = 8, so you get to start the thread :wink:


im looking for a good old mono-green matchup. can be against anything. rn=55


Come join [Tournament] Codex Asynchronous Winter Swiss 2018 (CAWS18)


Hi all! I am new to the forum, but keen for some codex :slight_smile: Anyone interested? I’ll start with a basic newcomer’s mono-green, rn = 15 so likely you first!


@James Hi I am also new to the forum but I would like to take you on if you are okay with delayed response. Being dad, I can only be consistently available between 10-11pm PST. My random number was 42, so If it works for you, I can create a thread (hopefully I somehow mange to figure out how this works) :slight_smile: I will play mono red.


Sure, no problem! Let’s do it :grin:


@James Ok, I just posted it and I don’t know if I did this right because it tells me I teched (2) cards even though I didn’t since it was my first turn, so I changed it to (0) manually. Hope this is right.


@bansa - yeah, that’s OK. you did it correctly


say can we get a moderator (@Leontes ?) to re-pin this topic? it seems to have become un-pinned


Looking to test drive [Law/Truth]/Discipline. First time playing with Blue starter, set expectations accordingly. Random 13.


I’m been meaning to get some practise in with mono white, random #39, so ill start


I’ve been away for a while (meaning almost a year) and I’d like to grab a casual matchup. Planning to use Monowhite. My random was a 42.


@sharpobject @Leontes @Sirlin could we please have a mod re-sticky this thread? It helps new players to have it up at the top


Welcome back Code, I’ll take you on as mono Blue. #70


@CWheezy please repin this topic. Thanks!


Hi I am new to the forum, mono-green #6 :slight_smile:

pinned #896


Welcome frogot, I’ll take you on in a mono-green mirror match. #34


Looking to improve my knowledge of other colours, currently mono-white -rnd #74


@Shadow_Night_Black I will take you on with mono purple, #79. Please start as P1.