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Post Here if you're looking for a Play by Forum Opponent


Looking to try [Discipline]/Law/Truth. Random 32.


I’ll take that up with [Balance/Growth]/Blood. Random 10, so you go first.


looking to play [balance]/necro]/peace. rn=66


@codexnewb I’ll take that on, I want to try out [Anarchy]/Necro/Growth for whenever we start up CAWS. Rolled 55 so go ahead and start us up!


Anyone up for some casual games? I want to try [Finesse]/Feral/Disease.


@Dreamfire, sure. I’ll go with Mono-Red, I’d like to get some experience with them. Roll was 2, so you might as well go ahead and start.


Looking to try [Balance]/Blood/Strength (mixed deck), random 53.


I’ll play against you @charnel_mouse with Truth/Necro/Strength

random 33m you go first


I’m looking to try out Necro/Anarchy/Growth, rolled 25


hey @FrozenStorm, ill take that as necro/blood/feral. rn = 35. ill start a new thread.