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Post Here if you're looking for a Play by Forum Opponent


Ill take you again as [Discipline]/Demon/Fire RN=31. Feel free to use our old feed or create a new one.


Anyone looking for a game? I’ll be playing my classic mono purple, rnd # 38


If you don’t mind playing against a build specifically designed to counter mono purple, I’ll play you as [Finesse]/Present/Balance, random 44.


Fine by me, I look forward to it :slight_smile:


There is 1 slot open for a FFA match if anyone is interested.


Looking to give [Balance]/Necro/Growth a shot. rn=48


Once again, there is a slot open for a FFA match.


Looking for a 1v1. I’ll be testing [Growth]/Truth/Feral for the first time! rn = 38


ill try out balance necro growth from above. rn 48. ill set up a link.


Looking for a 1v1 game as [Necro]/Discipline/Peace. rn = 51


ill take you as [feral], growth, necro. rn = 72. ill set it up.


Looking for a 1v1 as [Necromancy]/Growth/Blood. Random 6.


@Nekoatl let’s do it, I’ll try something different so rolling a deck at random, we get [Peace]/Future/Feral, and I rolled 5 / 100 lol start us up


Looking to practice my mono-white in 1v1. -> 78


you down to play against mono-black? i dont think ive played them in a long time. rn 47


Stubbornly trying to make a bad idea work: [Necromancy]/Past/Truth random 4.


Hey, @Nekoatl, I’ll give that bad idea a shot with good old boring Mono-White. Random was 22, so I’ll start a thread.


Hi all, I picked up Codex Deluxe a few weeks ago, and haven’t played yet, so am looking for monocolour matches while I learn the ropes. Monogreen, random 54.


I’ll give you a match with monored, the classic matchup. Random 7.


@charnel_mouse If you’d like another match, I’ll play you with mono purple. I rolled 31 so go ahead and start a thread whenever you’re ready, feel free to ping me with any questions about playing via forum!