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Cala + Drakk & Quonce looking for a few games warmup.

Rando = 28


ill take you as [Necro]/Balance/Anarchy. rn 52 - ill set up and link you.


Looking for a game as [Bashing] / Fire / Anarchy :: d100=58


ill take you as {finesse} / feral / growth, rn 59. ill set it up.


Looking for a game as mono-white. d100=52


Ill take you as Feral/growth/finesse, random number 35. ill let you set up the thread.


looking for game as mono-red d100=7


I’m in the mood to give Discipline/Fire/Truth a try, if that works for you. random 47


anyone up for a game? [anarchy]blood]feral - rn=46


Let’s play our Core Set box together then, @codexnewb! I’ll take Balance/Growth/Fire, randomed 92 so I’ll create the thread


feeling festive; looking for a game as mono green. d100=11

Discipline / fire / disease d100=85


I’d like to give mono Purple another try. /random 70


@Nekoatl I’ll take you on as Necro/Discipline/Balance, if you don’t mind somewhat intermittent responding. = 8

BTW, didn’t this topic used to be pinned?



I’m itching to try Demonology/Growth/Strength. /random 40


ill take you as blood balance disease. rn 59… ill link you.


Looking to try out [Blood]/Balance/Present. RN=56.


I’m game. I can use the same spec as before if you want to see how swapping Disease for Present changes the matchup, or I can try something new if you’d prefer. Random 21.


Sounds good. Let’s just use our old feed. Ill post there.


Looking to try my latest monstrosity: Past/Future/Necromancy. Random 59.