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Post Here if you're looking for a Play by Forum Opponent


@FrozenStorm I’m down for that, thanks. Sticking with monogreen, I rolled 46. I’ll put up a first turn tomorrow.


@codexnewb Could you tag whom you’re talking to? It’s not clear.


@charnel_mouse woops, my mistake. i read your response to frozenstorm in my email and just missed the tag. i thought that message was for me.

my bad, continue on!


For a change of pace, come join the Crazy Map King-of-the-Hill


Looking to try out [Finesse]/Peace/Truth - rn 75


@codexnewb I’ll take you on as [Demonology]/Balance/Anarchy. rn=71


Looking to test out [Past] Necro Discipline. #rnd 46


@Shadow_Night_Black since codexnewb hasn’t responded, I’ll take you up with the above-mentioned [Demon]/Balance/Anarchy. rn=4


ahhhh, sorry i missed your post. let me know when you’re down with your previous game and ill take your offer.


Hey all, [Disease] / Peace / Balance looking for a match, random# = 50


I’m up for a game, 37. [Demon/Necro]/Finesse (yeah, I’m gonna be that guy). edit @shamusj


Looking to continue getting better with the neutral starter. [Finesse]/Discipline/Ninjitsu. rn=34


@codexnewb I’ll take the opposite side of that, I’ve been having fun on random decks and monos, if you’ve got a specific opponent you’d like to try I’m game otherwise I’ll take Mono-Red, rn=10 so go ahead and start the thread!


It’s been a while but I’m back. Looking for some casual games to try out some funky combos. Anyone up for [Necromancy]/Future/Truth? Random=12.


@mordred414 Welcome back!
Does [Discipline]/Disease/Law sound funky enough? says 38, so I’ll open up a thread in a bit.


having some ideas with [fire]/peace/balance - rn=73


Should be interesting, I’ll go [Disease] / Peace / Balance -
59 - You win the toss


Trying to optimize my Mimics, looking for a game as [Strength]/Anarchy/Balance. rn=60


@Dreamfire I’ve been playtesting [Present]/Blood/Peace against myself. I think I’m ready to try a real opponent. Rnd= 28, so if you want to start a thread, I’ll play.


I’m game to play some more, don’t have particular deck or starting preferences so just LMK what you wanna play!