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Post Here if you're looking for a Play by Forum Opponent


@FrozenStorm Oh boy, I can’t wait lol.


Anyone down to play against mono-purple? Im trying to get better with them. rn = 4


Hi everyone !

After months without the possibility to play, I’m glad to be back and see some old faces (seems @EricF still dominates the field !) as well as new ones :slight_smile:

That being said, let’s play ! @codexnewb, do you have any preferrence on what you want to play against ?
I’m fine with playing several games simultaneously, so feel free to challenge me !


Thanks man! You can play whatever you want. Let me know your roll, and I can set up a chat for us.


I’ll play monored, rolling 96 on


Good Luck. Link here.


Anyone down to play against [Balance]/Blood/Demon? rn =47


I’m game @codexnewb, I’ll try out the [Future]/Peace/Necro CAUS finalist deck, randomed 40 so go ahead and start a thread!


Looking for a game, I’ve no idea what to play so I’d favor random specs, but if you prefer a regular game I’ll run [Necro]/Blood/Truth. Random 61


I’ll play a random spec game with you @Marto

Random 22


Glad to play with you again @zhavier :slight_smile:
Do you know any way to pick specs randomly ?



Hey there, it seems the Codex frenzy hit me again :slight_smile:

I’m waiting for player(s) ready to face:
[Necro]/Present/Balance rd 4
[Discipline/Strength]/Finesse rd 96
Purplez rd 6


Ill take on your Necro/Present/Balance. Ive been wanting to try [Anarchy]/Growth/Strength. rn=55 - ill set up a new link.


Hi ! :slight_smile:
I’m looking for a game with [Blood]/Fire/Peace : ) : 9


I’ll play against you with monopurple, randomed 6, so you start :slight_smile:


Looking for a game. I’ll play mono-white.

rnd(100) = 50 :-).


No takers? A week later?


@keybounce I’ll take a game. Rolled a random deck of Past/Blood/Discipline, and 29, so go ahead and start!


Give me a day, I’ve got my move entered in a copy of the sheet, but I can’t get the scripts to run for some reason.