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Post Here if you're looking for a Play by Forum Opponent


I think I’m finally in the mood again.

I’m going to be running [Present]/Demonology/Growth, and I randomed a 48. (:


I’ll take you on as [Necro]/Balance/Anarchy, randoed 57


Setsy + Garth & Arg looking for a challenger

Rando = 35


Up for a pre-tourney warm-up against [Necro]/Balance/Anarchy? I randoed 76. Are you using the White starter?


Looking to practice with this combo (also a pre-tourney warm-up): [Necro]/Growth/Anarchy-- Random=3. Any takers?


Ok, and yes to white starter


Sure, I’ll take my mono purple then. Need to get reused to black shenanigans. rnd #35


Anyone want to play against [Feral]/Blood/Truth? 79


@rathyAro I’ll play you as mono-White, rnd=55 so you to start.
(Though feel free to pass if you’ll be busy now playing in LDT)


Anyone up for a game? I’m looking to get better as white. rn 34


@codexnewb I’ll play you as Purple, rnd=68


After a long absence, I’d like to have a go as good old, basic Mono-Green. Random was 17.


I’ll play you as Mono-Red, but I’ve never played PbF and I could use some familiarizing with the format. So maybe you should go as P1.


Sounds good. I’ll start a new thread.


Would someone be interested in playing a game? This would be my first ever forum game although I used to play regularly IRL with a coworker before I had to move. (If anyone is in / around Tampa FL I would also be up for playing IRL).

The last deck I played was [bashing] / fire / blood, although I’m curious if I can make mono-blue work.

Looking to update once or twice a day in the evening EST.

EDIT - what is the “random”… d100 for first turn?


Usually people use to generate a roll.


As Bob said, if anyone would like to take Shadow’s place in the tournament (as a no-show) and play against me (I have a 0-2 record right now), let me know (including your deck), and I’ll start the thread.

@ascendingPrime Yeah, exactly. Random # between 1 and 100 (inclusive); highest goes first (no choice).
If you end up playing multiple games against that opponent, you’ll usually take turns going first. If someone switches decks, you might both re-roll.

If no one pops up to play me in the tournament, then I may take you on, though I’ll likely be slow to post. Generally I get to post turns when the baby is napping, or sometimes late at night, and lately I’ve fallen back into my old obsession with Kirby’s Dream Course, which has been eating up that time. (;


@ARMed_PIrate & @IsotopeX --TY for the explanation, I’m used to playing games in pairs just b/c 1st and 2nd player can be so different but it makes sense.

@ARMed_PIrate about the game, sounds good --just let me know.


All right, sir. I’m in the mood to pull out [Truth]/Anarchy/Present again… but now that you mention it, [Bashing]/Blood/Fire sounds like a lot of fun. Do you have a preference on which you’d rather I play? And what will you be playing?

I legit rolled a 100, so it looks like I’ll be going first, unless you can tie it. (:


Hey Pirate,

Either is good with me. Personally I found early game mono-red un-intuitive since it doesn’t have a clear blocker (where bashing came in), but from personal experience I found a number of nice little combos (a hasted-frenzy-brickThief for instance really does work)

For me, I’ll run mono-blue for this. d100 was a 19 (so I guess I’m 2nd)

Also, this will be my first play by post --so a quick run through of mechanics / process might be needed (I’ll let you know if I get stumped).