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Post Here if you're looking for a Play by Forum Opponent


I’ll take you on as mono-White. rnd=75, so will set up the thread.


Discipline/Necro/Anarchy rolled 20.

I should be able to take 1 or 2 turns a day most days.


@Raiddinn I’ll go finesse/discipline/disease, I randomed a 39 so I’ll start the thread


Looking for a casual game as [Feral]/Balance/Finesse, rnd=27


Sure, petE. I’ll take you on with [Bashing]/Peace/Strength. (:
I rolled a 70, so I’ll make the thread.


I’d like a game vs. my MonoWhite. Random = 4, so…yeah.


i’d fight u with my mono green. rando 36.
I warn u that i am not either that good at this game and out of practice.
I’ll make the thread


Looking for a casual as [Feral]/Balance/Finesse, rnd=67


I’ll play you with [Finesse]/Present/Discipline. I rolled 36, so you go first.


I’m looking to try out opponent’s choice of [Present]/Demonology/Finesse or [Peace]/Past/Blood. Any takers?

I randomed 14, so I’m probably going second.


I’m up for a game! I was just thinking about [Law]/Fire/Balance. :slight_smile:

I’m still hurting from the last time Vanda wooped me, so I’ll take the other one.

I got a 79, so I’ll make the thread


I’ll take on the P/D/F deck with Mono-White, so that I might get wooped by Vandy instead.

Roll was 88, so I’ll start it up.


I’m interested in starting to play Codex play-by-forum since I don’t get nearly as much physical action as I’d like to.

How do you, fine folks, simulate which cards you end up drawing? Do you keep a physical deck near you during the game? Or is there some online service I’m unfamiliar with?


Ask, and ye shall receive:

It’s a Google sheet, and you’ll want to save it online in your google docs/drive rather than making an offline copy. That’ll allow it to access and make use of the Codex PbP helper, which is basically the script that manages deck and card draws.

It’s honor system: there are tons of ways you could cheat if you wanted to. But the sheet does a good job of handling your money, keeping track of your buildings, shuffling your deck, reminding you to make a worker, giving you slots to keep track of patrollers, and drawing your hand.

You have to manually add in and delete heroes as they are summoned/killed (and keep track of which ones can’t be summoned yourself), and manually enter all your actions, and manually enter their costs in the costs column (as negative numbers; positives are gains). It’ll let you know how much money you have left, though, and carry over floating gold. You have to manually enter in Scav. bonuses, and hit the Draw 1 Card button for Technician bonus.

You have to manually enter your two teched cards into the tech slot at the beginning of your turn, but they’ll get automatically included in your discard pile when you hit “Discard/Draw” to end your turn.
Realistically, you can often plan out the whole turn in the spreadsheet, play with various scenarios, then decided what to have teched in at the beginning of the turn after you’ve typed up how the rest of the turn will go.

Oh, and the sheet will generate a nice template with everything you did in forum-friendly format, so you can copy and paste it directly into your online match’s thread.

Good luck; you will make mistakes, but don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions! (:


Much obliged!

I didn’t expect any automation whatsoever, so that spreadsheet is actually fantastic!


I’d be happy to play with you, and I can answer questions about the spreadsheet. Generally we use to generate random rolls for first player. If you want to play, I got 56. I’ll go Mono-Green.


Hi, I’m honored and accept the offer.

I’ll need a day or two to finish up some work here before I can start being properly active.
I’d play [Demonology]/Something/Something. I’m still working out the specs . This would be my first non-stock deck, so I’m very excited.

I rolled 54, so you go first (or at least you get to choose; this is how my local community prefers to handle this).


OK, no problem. I’ll go first. Usually the first player creates the thread, so I’ll do that, and you can get going whenever you have a chance.


I’d like to test out [Discipline]/Disease/Peace against anyone who’s interested. Rolled 86.


@payprplayn I’ll play you as [Feral]/Balance/Finesse, rnd=72