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Post Here if you're looking for a Play by Forum Opponent


If anyone else is interested, I’ve got another codex I’d like to try out: [Feral]/Anarchy/Present. Roll: 19


Sure, I’ll go Monoblack. Roll: 45. I’ll start the thread.


Sounds like a spec I would attempt :nerd_face:


It’s interesting, to be sure. Based on how my current game with it is going, I wonder if it might be better with the red starter, but it’s to soon to tell.


Looking for a casual game as [Anarchy]/Feral/Balance, rnd=3


I’ll take you on as Demonology/Anarchy/Balance - I randomed 32, so I go first. Making a thread


Looking for a casual game to practice my Mono-Purple plays (it is so far the hardest color I’ve tried). I ransomed 85


Typo, but I like it so I’ll leave it. Should be “randomed”


Sure I’ve been wanting to try out purple as well! Do you mind a mirror match? I got an 83 on my roll, so it’s up to you!

(casual) drewper vs NikoBolas

@NikoBolas sounds good to me! I’ll create the thread and go first.


Looking for a casual game as [Feral]/Necro/Anarchy, rnd=93


@petE I’ll take you on with [Strength]/Law/Present … randomed 32 so you start.


I’m looking for an opponent for my first PBF game. I’d like to play as Mono White. I rolled 50. Please bear with me as I try the google sheet for the first time. Apologies in advance for any mistakes!


@shamusj I’ll take you on as Mono Green (I’ve actually never gone mono-green before!)

I rolled a 60, so I’ll create the thread.

PBF games take some getting used to, so don’t be shy with any questions you may have :thumbsup:

Drewper (Green) VS shamusj (White)

Looking for a game, trying serveral ideas around purple with Necro/Finesse, starting with [Necro] Past Future. Random #3


I’ve got ya. I’ll play Setsy + Orpal & Grave Rand=41


@shamusj I’m happy to play one with you if you want to play another, just start a thread with whatever specs you want us to play!


I’m looking for a game as Necro/Balance/Ninjitsu 44


@Penatronic I’ll play you with Necro/Blood/Anarchy random = 53

I’ll make a thread.


Looking for a casual as [Discipline]/Necro/Anarchy, rnd=28