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Post Here if you're looking for a Play by Forum Opponent


Should I make the thread


Looking for another game with [Feral], Discipline, Disease. #48


i’ll take u on with [Demon]/disc/present. rando 60. i makethe thread


ready when you are


still LFG by the way!


@Mooseknuckles I’ll play against you with [Balance]/Future/Truth

ETA: I randomed 16


Hi all! Looking for a game
Mono Purple, Random# 5


I’ll take you on as monowhite! I randomed 94, so I’ll make the game


Looking for a casual game as Mono Red, rnd=39


I’ll take you on as monoblack. I randomed 57


looking for opponent
[discipline]/future/anarchy rando 12


Ill play, Legion, Mono-black, I rando 88 so I’ll make the post


I’m looking for a game, probably planning to play mono-green. Rolled a 92.


I’ll play! Rolled a 22. I’ve got a token.dec [Growth]/Necromancy/Peace.


I need an opponent to test a new deck. [Present]/Feral/Truth
rando 66(6) the number of the beast!!!


Let’s do this @Legion. [Growth]/Strength/Anarchy, random 40.


useful fact: unlike i ìn the old forum, editing and taggng someone works!


[Balance]/Truth/Bashing vs ??? 40 for a game, maybe more depending on LLL


Sure, I’ll take you on. This is going to be completely new for me:

I rolled a 28, so if you don’t mind making the thread, you get first crack.


[Feral]/Fire/Ninjutsu vs ???, 98.