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Post Here if you're looking for a Play by Forum Opponent


These again.


@cstick I’ll have a go at the Finesse/Pres/Disc deck, randomed 69 so I’ll go first with my CAWS deck, Blood/Str/Growth. GL HF!


I’ll take on [Feral]/Necro/Anarch, if you don’t mind playing against a pretty mediocre player… i’d go mono black with randomized 56… so i create the game?


That’s correct.


Ok, time for me to try my first play as the Vortoss (meaning, lose horribly as the Vortoss). Any taker? Random = 81.


Hi ! :smiley:
I’ll go as Mono-Blue :slight_smile: = 8, I let you create the thread ! :smiley:


summoning @Otsdarva i randomed 11.
You wanted to go black, i’ll go [discipline]/strenght/Finesse


Sounds good, monoblack here. I’m not good on the rules yet so it’ll take me a while to get set up, but let’s go for it.

EDIT: Rolled 86, I’ll go first.


Looking for up to three opponents, I will be playing some variant of
[Necromancy]/Anarchy/Past says 46.

First opponent says 20 mod 3 is 2 from 0/1/2 so Black Starter

Second opponent says 90 mod 3 is 0 from 0/1/2 so Red Starter

Third opponent says 18 mod 3 is 0 from 0/1/2 so also Red Starter


@Kaelii Happy to be your first opponent. I’ll play [Discipline]/Strength/Finesse. I got, so I guess you’re going first!


@Kaelii I’ll step up for the second game, I’m going to be on Mono-Black. I also randomed 40, so you’re up first for this one as well.


I’ll be your third. random of 79, so i’ll start the thread.


If anyone’s up for a serial set of games while I play mono-blue badly, I’d be into that. I rolled a 14 so, provided someone takes me up on my offer, I’ll likely be going second.


I’ll take you up on that! says 55, so I’ll make the thread.


Since I’ve crashed out of CAWS (the first one, I think?), I’d like to try up to a couple more casual PBF games:

  • one as [Blood]/Feral/Present (my CAWS deck which I still believe has great potential, I think I have a slightly better handle on the potential strategies available now, and would just like some more practice). Random=93.

  • one as [Ninjutsu]/Anarchy/Balance (my latest attempt at getting the Ninjutsu/Anarchy stealth combo working, now with fliers and a way to destroy upgrades). Random=41


You can pick either one and go first against my new experiment: [Demon]/Discipline/Present


I’ll play against you as Mono-green, I got = 2, so I guess you’re going first.


New year has begun time for me to play another game.

This time I’mma play mono blue. 77


Ahh… for reasons yet undisclosed this is too good to pass up.

I’m in for it with [Anarchy]/Growth/Truth, random 30.


Nothing ominous about that.