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NFTT - Prize discussion!



First and foremost: Nothing will change the firstcoming tournament. There will be 25 bisonbucks to whoever wins the tournament.

But, I was thinking, while 25 bisonbucks is nothing to scoff at, it might not be something that drags other players inn. So, why not just collect all that money I am willing to spend on you guys throughout the year, and let it rain all at once in one tournament around christmas?

So, that will be 25x10 months, which is 250 bison bucks for one tournament.

How does that sound? Is that more hype? Will 250 bison bucks be enough to even bring … Zatiek back for a surprise showing?!

And then, to make the upcoming tournaments worth something, they will be used as seeding for the grand finale in december.

Hopefully, with the help of the community, there could be a donation-drive to make the pot even bigger by then?

WHO KNOWS?! I am just throwing ideas around here. Lets make YOMI DeGREAT/ZANE/TROQ AGAIN!


PLz no. dear God, no. Yomi is first and foremost a fun game for fun.
Giving money is first and foremost a dangerous precedent that could split the community in “I play yomi cuz i like it” and “I do it for Cas$h”. This becomes more likely with a bigger sum of money.
Hell’s path is paved with good intentions, yet hell is the final destination.
So, since is your money, and you are free to spend it as you wish, allow me to suggest that 25$ per tourney is still good. May give the winner the sum he needs to buy the exp pack, or to gift yomi to someone who cannot afford it. Worst case scenario, u take a game on steam.

Dude, i would like to tell so much about this, but i fear i would be perma banned for speaking my mind in a mostly trivial way. The new forums were born to get rid of toxic, cancerous, nasty, foul mouthed lumps of ego with no manners. The one you hint for is one that fits such bill like a charm.
Let the bad stuff stay away, for the better of all.


Geez bud, chill out.
I think some of the people that were “banned” were rather polite people who just had dissenting opinions.
Sad, really.


we will agree to disagree. For me, instead, most were obnoxious ppl, whose departure left the same “sadness” the death of a rabid opossum would.


I believe that those who play “cuz I like it” will play because they like it, no matter how many who “do it for cash”. This isn’t actually a problem in my eyes. The main drive would be to try and get new players in, and the ease of learning this game might be enough to get new players to feel they have a chance at the money if they start practicing now.

I doubt that they will become active here on this forum, especially since they have other forums of discussion to use with mssanctuary and the discord, and if they do, let’s prejudge them to behave badly. Their problem is first and foremost with Sirlin and the way he spilt the community.

Many of the people who are not here anymore are still good players, and I would like to see good play, whether or not I agree with the way they communicate their concerns. If they where to act in an unsportsmanly behavior, I would try to encourage them to act in a better way.


As i said to bomber, we’ll have to agree to disagree. Is my firm position that being a bad person and a bad player goes side by side. I cannot condone such behaviours i still recall vividly, which drove away so many talented new guys. Their problem is not with sirlin, rather that with themself, since they did (and probably do) consider themself above the “commonfolk”. What i really sentence them for, is trying to force their standars on the rest of the community, would it be via “invitation only tourneys” where the “VIP” decided who was good an who was not, or by harassing as a group whoever disagreed with them.
Again, this is a community built around games for fun, not for egos.
This is my point.


As I understand it, your point is that large prize instead of small ones will bring in players to this forum that will create an environment of hostility and drive away newer players. Your point is heard loud and clear.

I don’t think that will happen, so, as you say, we will have to disagree.


I’m down with either approach.


Prize money is hype!!! Yomi is fun regardless!!! The best players always win unless completely f****** over by RNJesus!!! I will add a free copy, through iTunes, of Bowie’s Blackstar album to the pot (RIP :sob:).

@mysticjuicer can be a little too secular ecumenical for me though I love him dearly. If he should win the tournament, I will buy him a space heater so he doesn’t have to run to the bathroom to run his hands under hot water!!!


The sad thing is I already have a space heater. I’m just part lizard, apparently. #WhereIsMySunningRock





Legion, You have a forum now where you don’t have to talk to the people you didn’t like. You should really STFU about it.


As for neigutten’s question: if you are looking to cause the most hype I would think that putting all the money into one tournament is the way to go. Having the other tournaments used for seeding sounds like a good idea to go with that too.



If we can get some Asia friendly times for a few of the qualifiers , I’d be interested


I second this!


the prob is that the time window is actually already stretched (22 pm for eubois is kinda late) to let the american yomi side to partecipate. I doubt there is a time that could make everyone happy :frowning2: i missed USA vs the world exactly because to make asian+americans available, was in the middle of the night for euboiss.
Ofc if neigutten manages to find the perfect solution…


I am leaning towards having smaller prizes, at which point there could be differing timezones on the different tournaments. Don’t know if I am able to host a us+Asia timezone tournament myself, since I’m eu, but eu+Asia would be fine, with eu being early and Asia being late ^^


Good idea! May i ask u to always keep the EUzone as playing? You are the TO after all :stuck_out_tongue:


Doing a decent time for all 3 regions only works with US morn/EU afternoon /Asia evening,. Doing tourneys that are good for 2/3 is fine