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More Yomi Data


Absolutely fantastic stuff!


Looks awesome @vengefulpickle!

My one area of confusion was figuring out who is playing which character but I’m guessing the “c1” and “c2” are characters played by players 1 and 2 respectively. If you could modify it to have clear axis titles that would really help its ease of use.


Alright, I think I’ve made the chart much more legible.


I fixed a bug that was breaking in Chrome and not Firefox. Should work for you now.


OH WOW. Apparently Opera as well because I see a very different page now, vs when I thought you were supposed to type in names and then click Graph. And it actually works!


Not to be a complete pest (that’s exactly what I am), but can we please have character totals? My lust for data requires seeing who is the best character based on your awesome stats.

I would total it up myself manually you have the data so I figured I should ask first :smile:


I actually was trying really hard to do that this afternoon (basically, to average out the individual MU probabilities and also the cumulative win chances), but I hit a bug in the visualization library that I’m using that I haven’t figured out how to work around (without writing a bunch of extra code myself, which I might still do).

I’ll definitely post when I get it figured out, though.


Ok, fixed (well, worked around) it. The charts now summarize across the rows and columns.


Amazing! Tho interestingly on Firefox on my phone I now get a second chart below the first one. The second one has just the summed rows and columns. I’ll check it on a full pc browser later on


Yeah, the workaround I used doesn’t work well on mobile (I saw the same thing you did) because the summaries are actually separate charts.


I’ve made a bunch of updates to the functionality and presentation of the data over at, mostly inspired by working with the BattleCON Online community.


Yeah, I love the new elements of the grid. And cool to see the BattleCON stats! Is it just the Discord you drew matches from? (I checked for one of my BattleCON-playing friends, and didn’t find anything for him, but he’s done mostly forum play on SA.)


Yeah, it’s from replays uploaded by BattleCON online players, solicited from the discord