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More Yomi Data

Not to be a complete pest (that’s exactly what I am), but can we please have character totals? My lust for data requires seeing who is the best character based on your awesome stats.

I would total it up myself manually you have the data so I figured I should ask first :smile:

I actually was trying really hard to do that this afternoon (basically, to average out the individual MU probabilities and also the cumulative win chances), but I hit a bug in the visualization library that I’m using that I haven’t figured out how to work around (without writing a bunch of extra code myself, which I might still do).

I’ll definitely post when I get it figured out, though.

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Ok, fixed (well, worked around) it. The charts now summarize across the rows and columns.


Amazing! Tho interestingly on Firefox on my phone I now get a second chart below the first one. The second one has just the summed rows and columns. I’ll check it on a full pc browser later on

Yeah, the workaround I used doesn’t work well on mobile (I saw the same thing you did) because the summaries are actually separate charts.

I’ve made a bunch of updates to the functionality and presentation of the data over at, mostly inspired by working with the BattleCON Online community.


Yeah, I love the new elements of the grid. And cool to see the BattleCON stats! Is it just the Discord you drew matches from? (I checked for one of my BattleCON-playing friends, and didn’t find anything for him, but he’s done mostly forum play on SA.)

Yeah, it’s from replays uploaded by BattleCON online players, solicited from the discord

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The ELO chart is broken somehow

Boo… I’ll fix it.

Seems like it’s working now? If you still see it broken, can you send me a screenshot?

Even More Yomi Data

Silmerion, a Quince player from the long long-ago, put together a really cool Tableau based visualization of a MU chart for Killer Instinct. Of course, because I’m greedy as hell, I immediately asked if it was possible to use the Yomi tournament MU chart to do something similar.

Check (as they say) this shit out!


Looks fantastic! Great way to instantly grok the basic idea for each character. Thanks, MJ/Silmerion!

Suppose I should begin to play Zane.

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It’s always important for me to emphasize that, since my MU chart is based on actual tournament results for practically every player who has ever played in the last six years, it gives very different information than a traditional MU chart does.

A traditional MU chart will try to tell you what your results should be if you play X at the highest level, against a field of opponents at the highest level.

My MU chart will try to tell you what the result will be if an average X plays against a field of average opponents.

…I know you know this, but I think it bears repeating.

…but also, yeah, “suppose I should begin to play Zane” is still a very true statement either way. :smile:


Woah, that’s cool. I want to dump that same plot onto yomi-skill using that computed data.


damn i just wanted to use this list to brag about how good i am at yomi for sometimes winning with jaina. :frowning:


:zane: has a positive historical matchup spread against every single character in the game except losing veeeeery slightly to :rook: and losing massively to :troq:

No wonder the yomi tournament meta is so healthy :slight_smile:


So Rook is statistically lower-mid tier? Huh. The more you know. Who is the least played overall?

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Jaina is the least played character. She has been played 200 games less than the 2nd least played tournament character, Lum.


Thanks. That may also help explain her high MU variance since smaller sample size means more random results