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Lum's Lucky Lottery: 4th Times a Charm


#IN :smile:

#morethan10chars :rage:


I’ll play ok


@Ivan, did you get sorted out? Can you play?


Still working on it. :slight_smile: Having some trouble figuring out our Steam info so I can complete the gifting. Hopefully over the weekend!


Will you be recording “that video” before or after? :wink:


With the help of @mysticjuicer i have the great honor to join LLL fun. Sign me in. Big THANKS once again to MJ, who gave me this chnce.


My pleasure! :smiley:


So round 1 goes out today, right?


Assuming I get my act together, yes. I just got back from a few days with the relatives, so I’m still settling back in.


Ok, Round 1 (Xiba and Hobusu) and most of Round 2 (everyone else) has gone out. Those starting in Round 2 get some extra time to complete their matches.

The Bracket


Caralad vs @ArthurWynne

:vendetta: :psfist: :pschip: :midori:
:menelker: :psfist: :pschip: :midori:
:menelker: :psfist: :pschip: :jaina:
:menelker: :psfist: :pschip: :persephone:

Games were closer than the score reflects.

GGs arthur.


Yeah, good games. I’m not sure they were all that close though, except the last one maybe. I landed some hits but it felt like you were a step ahead and in control all the way. Well played!


Hey, guys. Looking at Caralad and Arthur result /especially this :menelker::psfist::pschip::midori:/, a little rule changing suggestion comes in my mind, around this point:

Is it possible looser to choose to stay on the same MU. As long as winner already won that MU, shouldn’t be problem for them. Of course, this will take from the fun, and the FUN is the main for this tournament.


I always thought you were allowed to random both, but maybe that got struck off.


In my opinion, the spirit of the tournament is that someone should have to random.


Yeah, I agree with @Caralad. The rule stays as-is.


Yeah. If you were allowed to stay on the same MU I’m pretty sure it would have a really deletrious effect on the variety of the matches played. Better the devil you know and all that.


Yeah, I think double re-random was dropped at some point. I wouldn’t mind seeing that one come back for the next edition maybe?


Thought that was Slippery Spag exclusive, but I don’t mind if that ever came into LLL.


Hell, if I made the rules, everyone would be randoming every game (win or lose)