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Lum's Lucky Lottery: 4th Times a Charm


Alright folks, we’ve had too long without a long-form tournament running, so I’m going to kick one off (with apologies/gratitude to @MysticDeadman for stealing his show)


4th Edition: 4th Times a Charm


  • Double elimination
  • Best of 7
  • Medium timer
  • Double KO is a win for both players, unless it would cause both to win the set.
  • Random is the only character you may begin with.
  • Loser may choose whether to re-random either their own or their opponent’s character for counterpicking.
  • Double-Down counts as a win for both players unless they are at match point, both players re-random
  • Do not use Blind Pick to ensure the choosing of “Random” from both players. Any player deliberately choosing their character is grounds for a DQ.
  • Matches will be played weekly!
  • No EX characters (obviously)
  • Must have all characters unlocked (or access to at least 70 tokens/gold for randoming per match)

Important: Re-randoming should be done by choosing “New Game” and having both players re-pick with blind pick off so that you can ensure that someone is really picking “Random”. Snooze and you lose on that if you just took their word for it. There should be no reason for blind pick to be on at any point in this tournament. (You can also see it in the opening line of the history window, it should say [Character Name]] (Random) if you forget to duck out of match.)

Signups will be open until Saturday, November 24th at 11:59 PM UTC, with opening round conversations going out the next day. Confirm your signup, or feel free to ask any questions you may have here.

Signups are closed!

Let’s do ourselves a favor with this tourney and have some goofy fun!

The Bracket

  1. vengefulpickle
  2. mysticjuicer
  3. Hobusu
  4. MR75
  5. Bomber678
  6. Xiba
  7. snoc
  8. ArthurWynne
  9. JonnyD
  10. flagrantangles
  11. Caralad
  12. Fluffiness
  13. CKR
  14. SouthwapHare
  15. thehug0naut
  16. SirHandsome
  17. Ivan


Yes yes yes! In in in! :smiley: Love this format.


I’m in! Always like having a chance to learn new characters and matchups.


Definitely in!!!


You know what, let’s do it


It’s cool!
I’m in!


OK fine I’ll give it a go


I need to get back into practice, but yeah, sign me up!


put me in n stufz


I love a little chaos! Count me in, honeycakes!


Luck be a Panda tonight! (In)


Mysticjuicer told me I should participate, and I must obey my Canadian overlord.


I will play.


Please put me in.


@Ivan try your luck in the casino? :smiley:


Don’t have expansion characters :slightly_frowning_face:
May be next time. :smiley:


I’ll just give you gold, I have heaps spare


PM me your Steam ID, I’ll fix this.


As an extension if anyone needs gold to play in this I have heaps I’ll give away


We switched to a fiat dust based currency system.