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Also, out of curiosity, how has the PuzzleStrike community been doing?


There’s only a couple of players left, as far as I can tell. I was running a weekly forums matchmaking thread, but there were too few players to sustain it.


That’s too bad.


Am tempted but have been having problems with Yomi on my PC. Continually crashes.


Thanks for the ding @vengefulpickle


Sure. EST Evenings preferred.


Have you tried verifying your cache in steam?


I’m in, buttercups! I can play weekday evenings and weekend mornings in CST.


I think so? I’ve tried reinstalling. Will give the cache thing a shot.


Yeah, reinstall should have done it, if the cache was a problem. I think when it crashes it dumps a log-file… I’d be happy to take a look at that and give it my non-professional opinion on what might be the issue.


Hello! I am here and I’m ready to rock.

Evenings on weekdays between 5 and 12 central.
Weekends are flexible.


So, signup dead line is approaching and unfortunately roster is not as huge as hoped (there’s some time left, however).

In case, what about a single division with the whole roster (and then top 8 or something like that) ?

My personal two cents about pro/cons


  • I’d love the idea of facing several IYL champions and high level players at last one time
  • More Yomi actions (till now, 20 matches so at least 20 weeks or more, almost half year)
  • Real international league!


  • Some hard schedule time (very different timezones), but this is what happens in normal DE tourneys or in the playoffs
  • Too many matches: overlap with other events?
  • Some players could lose interest in playing in case of too many losses / no possibility to reach the top 8 (not my case, I’d play even to try only to get one single victory)


I think that sounds like a good way to make big event lemonade out of low turnout lemons.


That seems like the best plan. And hey, maybe tournament showings will improve as the year progresses.


But will we still have Yomi Bowl? That’s the big question.


Right now we have 21 players. I would prefer a two division split. During IYL 1 we played for 16 weeks. Most of the folks I talked to thought it was too long. I felt the same way. 10-12 weeks seems like the sweet spot to me.


Yeah, I like the two divisions idea as well, then do a cut to top X who do single-elim culminating in the Yomi Bowl.


In , let’s do this


I like it. In that case, three divisions would make the most sense. It keeps them the same size without making the divisions too small.


At this point, unless we get a wave of signups, I’m going to do two divisions, to have about 12 weeks of regular season before the playoffs.