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Ok that works too.


So I’ve Got to beat 8-10 people to get to playoffs. I got this.




Jk I don’t expect to make it to playoffs but that won’t stop me from trying


Gotta start somewhere on your way to the top. :slight_smile:


H Y P E !

Cool to see you back, man! :smiley:


Thanks man. I’ll do my best!


Ok, I’ve tested my Yomi app and it seems to be OK. Played against bots for about an hour and no crashing. If I have a problem will take @vengefulpickle’s offer to take a look at the log file up.


Let’s fucking go I’m in!


Fuck I’m out of practice…


It’s a long way to the top, if you wanna rock and roll…


As mentioned here I won’t have PC access for about a week, but @vengefulpickle has encouraged me to join because each round has a 2-week scheduling period.

Edit: I’m not sure what my ideal times are yet, but I’m now in PST.


I haven’t played Yomi in quite a while, but I’m keen to give it a spin again and IYL seems like the best time to make a return

My timeslots are 7pm-11pm UTC during the week and 11am-5pm UTC at weekends.


Signups are almost past.


Are we still doing two divisions or do we have too many people for that? I really don’t know how big divisions are typically allowed to be


Btw, where are we going to schedule matches? I assumed Discord, but I don’t actually know.


Usually scheduling happens on the forums via private message.


aaaaand just under the bell. prefer playing between 2 and 10 pm AZ time. (arizona doesn’t do DST, so that’s analogous to MST during the winter and PST during the summer.)

edit that should be 9p-5a UTC if i did the math right.


Welcome to the IYL!


Eyyyy! Good to see you again!


figure it’s time to knock the dust off my boots.

and then make my opponents polish them.