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not trying to be too much of a pain in the butt,but my time zone is pacific standard time so 10:30pm due to work is my best times,unless we schedule it on one my two days off.


Hey by the way, to all participants, it’s much easier for the organisers if people provide their times in UTC+/-0.


Oh hey I’ll play, I’m free 4-8am UTC on weekdays and free all day on weekends.



If you got the reference without googling the image, congrats, you’re old enough to have a mid-life crisis.


Juicer no

Also, I’m in.


It’s a necessary but not sufficient condition for having one, is all I’m saying. :wink:


Oh hey you wanted times.

Weekdays 19.00-22.00, UTC -5


Where is everyone? Even IYL 6 had over twice as many signups. :frowning:


There is a silver lining. I see a new name on the sign-up list. I have spent a bit of time thinking about this. Multiplayer games die not because the hardcore population doesn’t show up. It dies because new people don’t flow in.

I thought that we was flying so far under the radar that we might not see any new faces. I am glad that I was wrong.


Paging @Copper8642, @Hobusu, @ThreeHeadedMonkey, @Attilian, @MR75, @variable, @UTRALAW, @MysticDeadman, @jamie-chan, @flagrantangles


Paging @zytearK, @FaceOnMars, @desiderata, @Zqxx, @lum_at_1st_sight, @migohunter, @GutterOwl, @wampuh, @FenixOfTheAshes, @Rinzler


Paging @lowtierhero, @sharpobject, @JonnyD, @Bomber678, @Legion


I don’t know whether I’ll be able to join yet, I’ll have a better idea closer to the end of the month.


Oh, wow!
I was sure I already signed up…instead I only checked and liked this topic :sweat_smile:

Sure I’m in!


Yeah, I was surprised you weren’t already on the list, too!


I wanted to join last year but didn’t think about it in time. Also I hope that the reason for small numbers so far is that some people just haven’t gotten around to it yet or don’t know what hours they can do just yet.


There are definitely folks who were in last IYL that haven’t been active on the forums for several months. Not sure if it’s just an end-of-year lull, or if folks have wandered off into other games… But perhaps direct pings will bring them back in.


I guess a lot of players moved on to Fantasy Strike and decided to leave Yomi behind… I may be wrong but that’s the explanation that makes the most sense to me. IDK I hope it’s just that the community has hit a bit of a slump and will recover eventually.