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[Gauging Interest ] Possible Tournaments


Looks like interest has been gauged enough. Stay tuned for the return of the long-form event, Lum’s Lucky Lottery!

And the single-day debut of Solo Showdown!


Hey, guys. There use to be a NFTT which was very popular. Looks like @neigutten isn’t active this days, so is there someone who want to rebirth this fun tournament. We can call it, Neigutten Legacy or something :wink:


All the rules are also publicly available as the google docs I created for it, and I didn’t get any complaints as far as I remember.

But in the end, I think it got popular due to the fact that there was money on the line. I kind of got the impression that one day tournaments was harder to get people to commit to - even tho for most people in the tournament, it be over more quickly than medium timer best of 7 matches that saw some popularity as 1 match a week tournaments :wink:


yeah the prob is that even a bo5 tourney with 8 ppl, with double elim can take over 2 and 1/2 hours minimum. Plus one day tournaments have the issue that many ppl cannot partecipate due to timezones.


Thats why I went for the fast timer bo3 tournaments, to get them over with quick snap! :smiley:


Yeah, I would have loved to participate, but scheduling a single match for 1-1.5 hours is easier than finding a common time with 8-12 people.


Ok, I post this, cos the Yomi calendar is little… empty. And more tournaments can bring it to life. Yes, 19XX is comming but if there are 2 tournaments run at the same /or close/ time could fill the calendar with a lot of matches. I think that when new guys see the calendar with more matches they will stay longer here and fill new tournaments with more people and that will bring more matches in the calendar and so on. Of couse i know that doesn’t work like that, but after all, more people in the server at the same time could make more people play this game for longer :slight_smile:


I can bring LLL back soon, I think. I just have to wait a little bit until work settles down.


summer smash should be coming soon too


Yessss! I need it.


i sure hope so :neutral_face:


I :heart: Summer Smash


I’ll be running another SCS very soon…


I have seen signs of @Jengajam stirring. The sleeper awakens.


I’d love to see the Solo Character Showdown return as a long form situation rather than a 1-day affair. I wanted to play that when it was first making a return but 1-day tournaments are often nonviable for me.


The Gloria one was long form, I think, wasn’t it?


I mean the one that Raziek started on the old forum where each participant played only one character of their choice through the tournament as contrasted with Snoc’s tournament in which everyone plays the same character.


Any upcoming tournaments soon?


Maybe it’s time for me to run Lum’s Long Odds again.


That will be great :star_struck: