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[Gauging Interest ] Possible Tournaments


So I’d been thinking about it, and there are a couple of tournaments from the olden days that I think could do with another run. I’m creating this thread to gauge interest in either/or and determine if holding either of them would be worth considering.

First is one I never had a chance to get into myself due to poor timing in joining the FS Community in the first place. Created by Raziek, it’s SOLO SHOWDOWN.


Rules (adopted from Raziek’s):

  • Double elimination
  • Best of 7
  • Medium timer
  • Double KO is a win for both players, unless it would cause both to win the set.
  • Random is not a character.
  • Players may not switch characters once the bracket has been posted. If they deviate from their pre-declared character and refuse to switch back, they will be disqualified.
  • Matches will be played weekly!
  • No EX characters (obviously)

Entrants can sign up in the corresponding thread, then let me know which character they will be using for the duration of the tournament. I will hold these selections in secret. They will not be posted to the tournament bracket, nor will entrants be told who their opponent is playing as in the match messages.

The second is one that I’ve been a participant of since its creation and have always found to be incredibly fun.Initially created by Dietz, and its second run held by cpat, it’s LUM’S LUCKY LOTTERY.



  • Double elimination
  • Best of 7
  • Medium timer
  • Double KO is a win for both players, unless it would cause both to win the set.
  • Random is the only character you may begin with.
  • Loser may choose whether to re-random either their own or their opponent’s character for counterpicking.
  • Double-Down counts as a win for both players unless they are at match point, both players re-random
  • Do not use Blind Pick to ensure the choosing of “Random” from both players. Any player deliberately choosing their character is grounds for a DQ.
  • Matches will be played weekly!
  • No EX characters (obviously)
  • Must have all characters unlocked (or access to at least 70 tokens/gold for randoming per match)

Each match will begin by both players picking Random. After each round, the winner stays with their character as usual, but loser may choose to re-random their character if they wish in hopes of getting a better one. Otherwise, loser also stays, it’s up to you to play the odds!

Important: Re-randoming should be done by choosing “New Game” and having both players re-pick with blind pick off so that you can ensure that someone is really picking “Random”. Snooze and you lose on that if you just took their word for it. There should be no reason for blind pick to be on at any point in this tournament. (You can also see it in the opening line of the history window, it should say [Character Name]] (Random) if you forget to duck out of match.)

PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS THREAD TO CONFIRM SIGNUPS FOR EITHER TOURNAMENT. This thread is only intended to gauge interest in these tournaments and determine feasibility for either. For those wondering, these tournaments would not be held until at least the end of Summer Smash, that way players will not be over-burdened by taking part in 3 long-form tournaments at the same time.

So guys? What do you think?


My vote is for Lum’s Lucky Lottery. Random select is better than being stuck in a bad matchup. I do admit that the lottery format gives an advantage to players that are more familiar with the cast of characters. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to learn a character on the fly.

My speculation is that Solo Showdown was created for character loyalists. I think at the time Raziek created the tournament there were more players that fit into that spectrum.


Gun to my head i will chose Lum’s Lucky Lottery but a Solo Showdown does appeal to me quite a bit.


I would play in either (or both) of these.


I vote Lum’s lucky lottery.


LLL is def better


I vote for both !
Although it could be harder to host both tournaments… but I’m sure you can do it!

Personally I love solo showdown: surely some MU could be very hard, but no MU is absolutely lost before played.

Randomize one is exciting too and surely needs more knowledge of all chars


I like both gimmicks, but I think the solo showdown might work better as a one-day single elim fast timer tourney. All the glory of sticking with your character with none of the dread as you wait and look ahead in the bracket each week.


First off, thanks to everyone who’s replied so far. It’s pretty clear which way everyone’s leaning right now, but let’s get some more opinions in here before I make a solid decision.

That being said, I really like this idea, actually. It might be more enticing to run it as a single-day event, especially toward newer players who don’t want to get locked into a character over a length of time.

As a note, depending on my financial situation when a decision is made, I may throw a $ or two in as a cash prize for the winning event.


I’ve actually been super interested in the solo showdown gig for quite some time. LLL sounds fun too. Although it wasn’t mentioned, I’d also be into Persephone’s Pick Your Poison.


Oooh, yeah, Persephone’s Pick Your Poison sounds fun, too! I’d be interested in all three of those!


How about for Winter Smash after a couple of months :smiling_imp:
There was a rly interesting tournament organaized by Snoc - that all players use the same character. Could be incredebly fun with some particular charactars /:quince: vs :quince: - who lies more :innocent:/.


just my 2 cents. I hate mirror matches


Single day events are the best. I would probably be more likely to enter a solo showdown one than the LLL one ^^


dread = hype


I would enter either of these tournaments and be happy about it.

Solo Showdown appeals to me more, so if I have to vote for one, it’s that.

Additional thought: I prefer Bo5 over Bo7 for these one-match-a-week tournaments. Bo7 can run very long.


That’s coming back Soon™ - we hit a busy time with Summer Smash/IYL/19XX and I didn’t want to crowd the tourney scene too much. I’ve also got some holidays and stuff over the summer, and I’ll get the ball rolling some time in August when I’m back from all that.


These both sound fun and good


Of course you’d be interested in Solo Showdown. It’s basically an excuse for you to main bQs for an entire tournament.


Hey after soloing Menelker for probably 10-15 sets I broke out the BBB against Thelo last weekend.

But yes, I’m ok with Solo Showdown because I’m basically already playing it.