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[Gauging Interest ] Possible Tournaments


@Leontes were there any plans to run IYL again in the next few months?


Oh, yeah, it is getting to be that time of year again, isn’t it.


2 IYLs per year sounds even greater :heart_eyes:


Maybe I’ll try to squeeze another SCS in before the new year too, as this one’s getting towards wrapping up.


If IYL starts in the new year, that should leave room for another tournament between now and then too. :slight_smile: Personally would love to see another Lum’s Lucky Lottery, tbh.


Yeah, that’s a fun one too. Who ran the last one? I might be able to take that on. Having AutoTO up and running means that actually running a tournament isn’t too much work for me.


I think @MysticDeadman ran the last LLL.


Would be mighty fine if LLL were run as a long form tournament rather than a one-day affair. That’s what I would say if I were the type of person to talk obliquely.


Wasn’t it long form last time too? Or maybe it was but someone also ran it as a one day thing?


I think so, I just like to emphasize my preference since I’m greedy about playing as much Yomi as possible. :smiley:


I’d like to suggest that Lum’s Lucky Lottery could use the tournament format that EricF came up with for Codex tournaments; in short, a swiss-style format except that players are eliminated if they lose a total of three matches. The winner is the last player standing.

The main benefits of this are that every participant is guaranteed a minimum of three matches worth of randomness and that unlike a normal swiss tournament, the elimination will shrink the player pool over time until only the best players are left, so the last few matches are much more climactic than in swiss,

One thing I’ve seen that could be considered a downside is that the same players can face each other multiple times as the pool shrinks, but with random characters that should be mitigated since matchups are unlikely to repeat. Because of this, I think LLL might be the best format to merge these rules into.


Hmm. I like the Single Showdowb more or whatever its called since I prefer to stick to my guns!:muscle:t3:! :ox::muscle:t3:


Lucky Lottery is a more fun format than Long Odds IMO, but I’m hungry for new tournaments, so I’m not very hard to please.

Edit: A rerun of Persephone’s Pick Your Poison would also be great.


I would definitely love to see Persephone’s Pick Your Poison make a reappearance!


That one was where each player got to pick from a selection of good/bad/even matchups, right?


So, I now have a wealth of (maybe correct) data on matchup values. I’m curious about how folks would feel about a tournament that restricted the matchups being played to only those in the 4.5 - 5.5 range, and then had one player select the MU and the other player select the side. I think that’s similar to Pick-Your-Poison, but I’m not sure how the MUs were picked for that tournament.


I’d be down! I don’t think that @Dietz ever made his MU selection criteria public. I would suspect that he picked MUs based on his own experience and discussion with some of the other members of DRB at the time, maybe informed by the historical information that had been collected to date.


I think that sounds like an excellent idea.