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FSX 2017 Registration


I’ma be there!


As will I! :chibimidori:


I’ll be there as well


G E T - H Y P E


any one up for some…



Coconuts HYPE


Time for this thread to become the FSX hype thread, imo!

…right after I board my plane and sleep for 5 hours.

But then! Well okay first I’ll need a shower. BUT. THEN! HYPE!


HYPE IS NOW! :persevere:


On my way! Be there in 6 1/2 hours


I’m 1.5hrs away from the hotel…!


Just landed, but think I’m gonna soak up some not houston weather and refreshments first, I hate everyone who lives in this climate.


Made it. Now where are you fuckers?


Drakes Brewing Co


I am grabbing food in Oakland, then I have to go to Best Buy to get a USB wireless card because I forgot mine :frowning:

I will be there setting up around 4:30 I think. Help me unload imo


Alright! California room, building 4!


Leontes 0 < 2 ClanNatioy

:midori: < :vendetta:
:midori: < :vendetta:



The final result of a very lengthy BBB mirror match vs Thelo (it was a draw)


Tune in to my twitter for FSX updates. No computer this year, so I’ll do a longer format post when I get back on Tuesday. Hell of a good time so far! Looking forward to doing some Codex practice tonight… unless I succumb to the siren song of Fantasy Strike.


How dare you wait this long to bust out codex! All I wanted to do today, but had to leave to meet friends for dinner