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FSX 2017 Registration


No worries - I did in fact succumb to the siren song of Fantasy Strike.


@Leontes when you have a sec, can you post links to the Yomi challonge?



Can we please get Codex spec lists?


If there’s one thing Codex FSX tournaments have taught me it is to run Garth and Black Starter


It is definitely good, but there wasn’t even any growth/strength shinanegans or purple starter peace shinanegans, so that sort of top tier deck choice was heavily represented.


The reason I say that is not only was Garth + Black starter in both of the top 2 decks this year but they were also in both top 2 decks last year. The tournaments were small and a lot of people are still newish to the game so I say this half jokingly but it is interesting how it turned out.


@FrozenStorm is stomping my FSX winning deck with PPA right now



Penatronic - [Necro],Balance,Anarchy
SharpObject - mono Black
SirHandsome - mono Red
Alhazard - [Necro],Truth,Blood
Shax - mono Red
ClanNatioy - [Feral],Law,Blood
MysticJuicer - [Finesse],Law,Present
Tamra - mono Purple
Aphotix - mono Red

so in short, a lot of red, even more blood, black wins


Very surprised to see no growth decks or purple peace decks or white of any kind. Thanks for posting!

9 players tells me we have work to do growing the player base XD


Or have more people actually make the trip cough cough


cough International flights are expensive cough


@Shax I have your R2D2 - I’ll mail it to you when I get home, if you PM me your mailing address


We should play some tournaments in the online rules-enforced version !!


thats a thing?


in the future it’s a thing