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FSX 2017 Registration


@Leontes help this man out.



Hmmm, confusing name for a hotel.


Code still works for $110/night!


Okay I seem to have found out what I was doing wrong. It only gives the special rate Friday-Monday. That is going to make it really tricky for me since I’m driving up there. Do I need to pay the standard fee for that Thursday and get the discount for the rest of FSX?


I believe that’s how it’s worked for me in the past.


@ClanNatioy: Then it’s settled, you can be our fourth spot in the bro room, along with @Alhazard and @Xom. Will the BBB mirrors ever end?? :bbb: :bbb:


Nice! Then I will see you there.

Hopefully not.


Welcome to BBB mirrors where attack speeds are made up and the throws don’t matter!


Gaze too long into the aBBByss and the aBBByss gazes also into you.


SO pumped for this now. Really looking forward to it.

What is the format for the Yomi, Pandante, and Codex tournaments? If you get one deck in Codex do we lock that in right before the tournament starts on Saturday morning?


Yomi is first-to-2 until finals which are first-to-3, double-blind first round, standard CP after. Swiss format.

Codex is also Swiss. First-to-1 until finals which are first-to-2 I think? You are locked into your Codex at the start and cannot switch.

Pandante is I don’t know, I don’t play in it.


Come on, gamble away your life’s savings with the pandas


This hotel is seriously triggering me. Ughhhh. Trying to get to the bottom of the room code issue AGAIN but since it’s Saturday I probably won’t get through until Monday.


Hey @Shax, I don’t have a wife that cares about that. Is there still any room? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! My discord username is: CocktailsComic#3864


Yup, come right on in and your free complementary mysticjuicer* high five will be on your left!

That’s the final slot!

*I’m really pimping you out @mysticjuicer , I hope your body is ready.


Is it possible to sign up for tournaments in person at the event? Definitely signing up for codex but not sure if I’m ready for Yomi yet, hope to play more between then and now.


Yeah that’s fine. Basically the registration goes into a prize pool so it’s fine with me if you just hand me $10 or something!


Tomorrow is the last day to sign up for FSX!


So who’s gonna be around Thursday afternoon?