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[FINISHED] IYL6 Playoffs - Road to the Yomi Bowl!


Congrats to both of the finalists!

CKR - you are basically responsible for getting me involved in the Yomi community. I’m incredibly pleased to see you in the grand finals of the tournament you started. I think IYL more than any other event has been responsible for attracting people to the game for the past few years.

MR - you joined just a year and a half ago, and are in the IYL grand finals! That’s an incredible achievement on its own, but the fact that you’ve done it basically as solo-Grave is particularly impressive, in my eyes!

Very excited to see this set. It should be a good one!


Congratulations MR. I’m still digesting the salt, but it’s all salt directed at myself. You earnt your spot. I’ll be back next time.


Would have loved to see this match play out


Maybe @mysticjuicer recorded and commented it?


I saw mysticjuicer among the spectators, so it’s quite likely!


replays are still available.


Yup, it’ll be up this Friday probably!


When can I get a flight to canada to wipe a hard drive…


Are they accessible through the Steam version? If so, how do you go about finding them? I’ll admit to not looking that hard for them, but I’d been under the impression that they were tied to the old website in some way.


Then I’ll not add my comments (differently from what I said): I think nothing could be better than your live comments !

Oh well, I could still say that lady luck was on my side, at least in last three games.
Now I need her just a little bit yet :smile: !


they are vailable on steam too. just open the game->profile->look up user and voilà!


I’ll have to check that out later today. Thanks!


I thought replay were only made to view if the user made them public?


replays are public by default unless u set them manually as private, one by one


I rushed this one to the top of the queue so I could post it as soon as possible, since the grand finals are happening VERY SOON! I’ll update it with a better thumbnail tonight. For now, enjoy a sick set!


5 days until grand finals!

Who’s streaming so I know who to host?


I’ll be recording!


I should be there if anyone wants to group up. my setup isn’t good enough to stream


Cast with me! :smiley:


Alright it’s a deal.