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[FINISHED] IYL6 Playoffs - Road to the Yomi Bowl!


Sorry, I’ve got a conflict now, so I won’t be able to spectate or record. Please someone make video though, so I can catch it later? This is a set I don’t want to have missed. :frowning:


Depending on the time I could do a recording with no commentary for you to be able to voice over later, if you’d like?


That would be cool, if you’re willing! The finals are Sunday at 3pm Eastern, I believe.


I think that’ll work out, then!


I finally did it!

CKR over @MR75 4-1

All :zane: vs :grave:



I’m in the process of sending juicer the footage as I write this.

Edit: Finished sending him the video, and he’s just confirmed with me that he’ll be staying off the forums until he can commentate it, so we’ll be getting blind reactions!


Hail to the champion!

I’m looking for some comments (thank @Hobusu for recorded it, and apologize for when we “deliberately” ignore some of your advice to go a little slow on every KD turn :wink: )

We went for a double KO too, so I hope maybe I made it a little harder for CKR than the score shows!

I took some “bold” decisions that costed me (I think I ate all MAs…) and probably lady luck gave me too much on previous turns!
And watching the replays, I did some big mistakes on crucial choices too (since I had the right cards too!)… but I think this is a part of the game too (skill and evaluation part, to be improved :blush:).

I want to thanks all this community for the efforts and I look forward for next tourneys!
Hail to :grave:!


I had an interesting way of preparing a strategy for this match. Earlier in the year, I was decimated by Leontes in the Grave vs Menelker MU. I was playing Grave, and I was completely stumped about how to beat Menelker with Grave.

Along came MR later in the same tournament, he destroyed Leontes Menelker with Grave. Curious, I looked up the replays. I saw that MR liked to use his 7 ability to get cards. He also loved to attack with all manner of cards. He used normal draw to his advantage and punched alot with face cards. I tried to play a more throw/block Grave.

I assumed that he would use the same strat vs Zane. So my strat was to blodge alot, do small amounts of damage on any given combat win, and build Anarchy. On KD, I was more conservative than I would typically be with Zane. My goal was to keep his hand low and destroy it if he powers up for aces.

Overall, the strategy worked. It also show that you can learn something from a loss. That loss to Leontes was my worst loss of the year. It may have also been my best loss.


Congratulations to @CKR for taking the championship! (Also, called it.) Well fought, @MR75, and welcome to the second-place club.

Thanks to everyone for playing. If you have any comments/suggestions, feel free to post here or DM me.


@cpat, this does further the case that you are a fortune teller at the expense of your TO skills.


Congrats to CKR for the championship win! Can’t say that I’m unhappy to see the founder of IYL claim this year’s crown.

Bravo to MR for a hell of an IYL run! Second place is nothing to sneeze at, and I am excited and worried about your Grave in future tournaments!

Thank you to @cpat and everyone who helped organize and run IYL season 6. I feel like as a player, everything ran super smoothly, and it was (as always) great to play in this premiere event. :slight_smile:

Good games and well played to everyone who participated in IYL this year! Can’t wait to do it again! :slight_smile:

Championship video will be up by tomorrow, most likely. Really fun set to watch and commentate.


Just wanted to give congratulation to @CKR for winning!!!

And to @cpat for running this year IYL i give a big thank you :slight_smile:


@CKR… You’ve been active here for about five years, and you’ve most definitely improved the community during your time, through your presence, dedication, and hard work.
Your determination to improve, focus on good competition, and drive to succeed are an inspiration to every yomi player, and today you have proven your efforts have paid off.

From one former IYL TO to another: congratulations. You deserve it.


You’re very welcome. I am glad to hand out the educational beatings! :wink:

Grats man, you deserve it.


Hmmm, well, so it seems that unfortunately my playstyle is quite predictable :joy:!



I have a few comments about your analysis. There was a point where MR had 55 hp, and I had known Anarchy. I dodged his attack. MR laid a face down. You disagreed with me playing the 9 that flipped on Shenanigans. I can see your view. He would have been at two cards if I respected the joker. I was willing to give him the additional cards to bring him into Anarchy range. What I didn’t want is for him to bluff and still be two combats away from dying. My next play was more suspect, but I will leave it to the audience to check out your video.


I can see both sides. When I saw you played the 9-attack, I originally also disagreed with you playing it, because even though you would still need two combats to win, I would think that the likelihood of winning those two combats (given the size of MR’s hand after the facedown) would be pretty high. That said, I think there is a high percentage chance of MR bluffing there if he didn’t have the Joker, and so I can definitely see why you played the 9-attack and don’t think that either play is strictly correct or incorrect.

Additionally, I wasn’t paying enough attention in the game to see whether MR made any plays that implied having a Joker in hand, which can skew things one way or the other, so I will not comment on that.