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[Fan Character] Design Challenge 02: Shovel Knight

It’s a well-known fact that Shovel Knight somehow manages to find his way into every new indie game, but what if we take it a step further and have multiple Shovel Knights?? :thinking: :wink:

How would you make Shovel Knight in Yomi? Like in the previous challenge, you can contribute anything from a snippet of an idea to a full character. The goal is to explore the idea from as many different perspectives as possible.

Shovel Knight has a lot of room for interpretation, since you have not only his own game to look at for inspiration but also his many cameos in other indie games. He’s even appeared in fighting games like Rivals of Aether, Indie Pogo, Brawlhalla, and Blade Strangers! This should give plenty of room for different people to come up with wildly different takes on the same character.

if i see anyone start an argument over whether some of those games above are “real” fighting games or not i will end you


Collecting upgrades should definitely be part of his innate.

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