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Codex Wildest Dreams

Oh. Oh shit.

Another puzzle for anyone interested:

Rules: (Same rules as before, except that some rules aren’t in effect for this one):
1.) Consider a 2 player game in which you are player #2
2.) Your opponent only passes the turn and techs in cards each turn
3.) Both players begin the game with three heroes in their command zone
4.) You can choose the heroes that you and your opponent use

The goal is to have:
A.) The maximum number of cards in your hand at one time, and the que is empty (nothing waiting to resolve, etc)

(No need to worry about the size of your Codex, trash zone, etc and the game does need not continue indefinitely for this puzzle. You just need to find a board state which results in the most cards in hand for you when the que is empty.)

For evaluating: the worst solution would be zero cards in hand, best case is 85 (Impossible? Maybe!)

I expect a Templar to be a part of the best scenario, but we’ll see!

Ebbflow Archon recursion FTW, can probably reach 70+

Law/Strength/Necro, with an opponent also playing Necro.

Build a Hero’s Hall
Summon Bigsby and Garth
Make a bunch of skeletons
Community Service the opponent’s Skeletal Lord
Use that to put an Oathkeeper into play. Chose "I will skip my draw/discard step.
Use Garth and/or Bigsby to draw all your cards.
Total workers: 0
In play: 1
In hand: 81
Heroes: 3


I think that’s overly complicated. Just summon Garth, and make skeletons until you have 77 in play. Then midband and draw your entire deck. 82 cards in hand, 3 heroes on the board/available to summon.

I’m pretty sure there’s no way to get a hero in your hand.


Upvote Jadiel for the simplest method.

This is probably the most elegant solution!

Yeah, I don’t think you can do better than 82/3, but I don’t know anything about those map cards, so maybe its possible.

None of the map cards let you put a hero in your hand, either.

New challenge:

With any amoubt of setup and opponent cooperation, what is the most damage you can do in 1 turn (assuming an infinite health base, no Double Time allowed), BUT your setup must not have an alternate line available that would allow infinite damage.

I haven’t solved this one, but note that any spec with a token or unbounded rune maker is unavailable, so no Peace, Growth, Blood, Necro, Feral, and perhaps others, as you could just re-play whatever can make tokens until you have “infinite” and then attack.

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I get the feeling that you’ll have to do a lot more work in verifying the solutions than people do coming up with them…

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Most damage to the base? Or just the most damage to anything? Also, pretty sure Ninjitsu and Future are not going to work here either…

I read it as most damage period, cumulative of all damage done to anything.

I’m looking at Molten Firebirds, Hotter Fires, and Firehouses but haven’t got the final numbers yet.

Yes, that’s what I was thinking…

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Can the opponent be playing something where they make infinite tokens?

I would assume that it is as long as what you do on the turn won’t go infinite (or could go infinite) then it is fine.

You play [Anarchy] Truth Disease , Opp plays [Bashing], Past, Strength. (So few specs to choice from, and even fewer starter decks allowed

Set up:
You both have every unit + hero in play, Max level. They have as many -1/-1 runes on their units as can be put on without killing them. Both quince mirrors are copying Plague Lords

Their board:

Opp's board

Tenderfoot (1 rune)
Older Brother (1 rune)
Helpful Turtle (1 rune)
Flagbearer (1 rune)
Fruit Ninja (1 rune)
Troq (lvl 8, 4 runes)
2x Iron Man (6 runes)
2x Revolver Ocelot (4 runes)
2x Stompers (4 runes)
2x Regular-sized Rhinos (10 runes)
2x Sneaky Pig (4 runes)
2x Eggship (4 runes)
2x Harvest Reaper (8 runes)
2x Trojan Duck (16 runes)
Prynn (lvl 7, 4 runes)
2x Stewardess of the Undone (4 runes)
2x Shimmer Ray (6 runes)
2x Golgort (6 runes)
2x Rememberer (4 runes)
2x Ebbflow Archon (1 time rune each, 20 -1/-1 runes)
Rook (lvl 8, 5 runes)
Boulder (7 runes)
2x Barbarian (8 runes)
2x Grappler ( 8 runes)
2x Colossus (12 runes)
Degrey ( 4 runes)
Oathkeeper (9 runes)

Total 192 -1/-1 runes

During your upkeep they take 768 damage from the Plague lords.

You then attack with everything (calculations to follow when I have more time)


I thought the rule was:

Meaning no Disease Spec (as you’d just use plague lab to give something of yours infy +1/+1 runes)

I thought I had no way of gaining +1/+1 runes in the first place, I now realise that the neutral starter my opponent has can give me them, so I’ll switch my opponent to [Strength], Past, Bashing.

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Ah, should be considered “damage to opponent’s base” as is usual for these things.

Opponent could have a spec that could give them infinite tokens, as long as you don’t have a way to leverage that into infinite damage.

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So far I can’t come up with anything better than this…that’s some serious damage.

Oh what the hell.

Assuming player 2, the workers were: Bloodburn, Scorch, Charge, Mad Man, Pillage. These add at most 2 damage while all the rest add 3.

Hand is:
2x Chaos mirror
2x Surprise attack
1x Macciatus
1x Hallucination
In the deck is 2x abomination.

Quince has Dreamscape active

  • Attack with both Steam Tanks(14 damage, this is a running tally)
  • Attack with both Pirate Gunships(28)
  • Cast Hallucination[18 gold] and target both steam tanks. They die and return to hand thanks to Reteller of Truths.
  • Play Macciatus[16 gold], all except tech III and heroes get +1/+1
  • Cast both Surprise Attacks[6 gold] and attack with all sharks (44)
  • Cast both Chaos mirrors[2 gold] swapping the attack values of Quince and Makeshift Rambaster with the Pirate Gunships. Naturally, you attack with Rambaster and Quince (61)
  • Exhaust the first Sanatorium[1 gold], draw abomination and put both Steam Tanks back into play with haste. Steam tanks attack (77)

Now to attack with everything else


Starter deck

Nautical Dog=3
Careless Musketeer=3
Bloodrage Ogre=4


Tech I units
2x Calypso Vystari=6
2x Gunpoint Taxman=8
2x Crypt Crawler=8
2x Plague Spitter=8
2x Spectral Flagbearer=6
2x Spectral Hound=8

Tech II Units
2xDisguised Monkey=8
2xChameleon Lizzo=10
2xCursed Ghoul=10
2xCursed Crow=8
2xReteller of Truths=8
2xSpectral Tiger=12
2xSpectral Roc=10

Tech III units
4x Plague Lords=16
2x Liberty Gryphon=10

Section total=161

  • Exhaust final Sanatorium[0gold] to draw and play both abominations for (12)

Grand total is: 77+161+12=250+868=1118