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Codex Wildest Dreams

Good ideas, keep working on it. Remember that your final count should total to 85 between the three categories!

Use Fire/Anarchy/Future, get to 0/81/4 with one of the remaining cards being Omegacron and use it to trash the remaining 3 workers. 0/84/1 looks like optimal.

The remaining three cards (from 0/82/3) that me and @Jadiel are referring to are heroes. We are still trying to find a way to trash them though for the perfect 0/85/0!

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Doesn’t look like it’s possible, unless…


Easiest way is with land octopus.
Worker everything and land octopus will do the rest


Math failure
Codex is 23.
We’re not including heroes are we?

If I don’t max trash and leave it all in codex, then you make 5 workers, and then Pryn basic units, then I have 5 trashed, tinkerer in play, 5 workers, and 10 teched cards.

With other cards that trash themselves, such a nature’s reclaim, we can reduce teched cards in play, and also rambasa twins can get back into codex. I’ll figure out that math later.
However, it seems the manufactured rambasa strat is the best for maxing out the codex

With burial grounds can you trash everything? I guess the easiest way to do it is Prynn and Zane and Jaina? Actually, that doesn’t give you and easy way to kill heroes… Prynn, Drakk and Vir - leverage Octopus and Omegacron, with Prynn trashing both to get rid of the last 3 cards? Hmm, guess that doesn’t work either, because they’ll come back. Any ideas?

Assuming Burial Grounds “trashes” things (unclear based on wording), then I still don’t think you can get to 0/85/0. 0/84/1 seems possible though.

If we ignore opponent cooperation, then I think easiest way is Anarchy/Blood/Future. Drop Octopus and Omegacron asap, then when all cards sans the two units and three heroes have been workered and trashed, worker Octopus, sacrifice all heroes + new worker with Omegacron, worker Omegacron, and Detonate for 0/85/0 finish.

Who casts Detonate?

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Foiled! I really need to start playing more Codex games again instead of doing these wacky FFAs all day.

Let’s try this again, Anarchy/Blood/Balance, with Burial Grounds and no active opponent assistence. Use Land Octo until only non-worker cards not trashed are Detonate and Final Showdown x2. Summon all heroes and maxband Midori. Cast both copies of Final Showdown to summon 4 3/3 hunter tokens for opponent. Worker both copies of Final Showdown, feed them to Octo, then sacrifice and worker Octo itself. Cast Detonate on workered Octo to trash all non-hero cards. Suicide Zane and Drakk into different Hunters, then Midori attacks each Hunter in turn and dies for grand finish. 0/85/0.

Alternate challenge: with the original stipulation that your opponent is teching in cards every turn, how close can you get their deck to 0/85/0?


I like it!
Midori showdown is brilliant

I like it, but Final Showdown attaches. I think it still works though, you just need to do the Final Showdowns first. So you max Midori, cast FS and give your opponent 2 hunters. Use Spore Shambler to give a Hunter 5 +1/+1 runes, then suicide Midori, Drakk and Shambler into him. Octopus all your workers, then Zane Detonates the Octopus, and runs into the other Hunter. 0/85/0


I think the only way to trash their cards is to use Community Service… Then Prynn with Nether Drain?

How does the omegacron die in order to keep getting cast and replayed for more trashing?

At this point the omegacrons don’t matter, just land octopus, spore shambles, Midori with final showdown and Zane with detonate. So that’s [balance] blood anarchy

Why nether drain though? Community service is the best way to get their cards to trash them though, with Prynn

Without Nether Drain, they’ll come back when Prynn leaves play

But nether drain only changes levels, it doesn’t kill

You can hunt around in the Rules forum and search (use control + F) for specific cards when people are talking about stuff that seems confusing, or doesn’t make sense, to see if its been discussed before. There is a lot of information about all sorts of card interactions there. Here is one relevant to the Prynn discussion:

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