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Codex Wildest Dreams

I would challenge that this solution does not work!

Correction: Nevermind!

I would challenge that this solution does not work!

Correction: Nevermind!

I think it’s fine.

Manufactured Truth doesn’t target


I wish I could find a card, but it throws off the count of cards in the codex…boo!

@sharpobject Thanks for helping out in this thread too! I didn’t mean to make you pull double duty on rules judgments, but I figure this thread should at least be better for questions about edge cases within edge cases, while the other rules questions thread should be used for common stuff that most people might bump into. Especially since, y’know, gotta make rulings on those edge cases eventually, in the event that there’s some sort of rules-enforced digital version one day!

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Wait you want max cards in codex AND max trashed? I feel like these oppose each other. Trashing cards usually involves taking cards out of your codex.

No, he grades by category. I didnt get at first but it made sense on a re-read

For example below solutions are from best to worse
85 codex / 0 trashed / 0 somewhere
80 codex / 2 trashed / 3 somewhere
76 codex / 0 trashed / 9 somewhere (achievable best)
0 codex / 85 trashed / 0 somewhere
0 codex / 0 trashed / 85 somewhere (worst case; achievable)

I suppose my answer would be Pryn gets more time runes and trashes every unit in starter deck, and nature’s reclaim to trash battle suits.
Or for max trash, literally tech every unit and trash with Pryn. Get a tech lab for twice as many

This solution wont be “stable” since next turn you are forced to tech 2 from codex.
So it is not acceptable solution

Also, how do you keep Prynn from fading away?

Well how about this
I have Pryn, Midori, and someone doesn’t matter.
They have Quince and Arg I guess.
You make 4 more workers with base magic and 1 teched spell. You also tech origin story and undo
Trash battle suits with nature’s reclaim. That’s 2 trashed. Origin story to keep making more illusions and wisps, undo for seer.
At some point you get enough gold to max her.
You keep tinkered and 1 seer, and she attacks a 0/1 every turn. This keeps her stable whenever she trashes 1 card. You trash every other unit you can with max band, once per turn. Undo seer enough times so you gain positive too (though technically you can attack with Pryn and use tinkerer) Once you have trashed every possible unit in codex and starting deck, you then accumulate enough time runes to then trash tinkerer and seer as well. Once everything is trashed you just cycle through origin story every turn.
4 workers from spells (and 1 extra spell from teching) Pryn, with a cycling deck of origin story and undo, 6 trashed tech 0 units, 1 trashed battle suits, 1 trashed nature’s reclaimed, and with tech lab 32 trashed units.

So 40 trashed units. So… 85 - 40 - 1(nature’s reclaim) - the 2 spells for undo or origin story, though arguably you don’t even need undo, just tinkerer, and - 1 more for that worker


Debatable even for only 1 origin story and no undo for 42/40/1

And if my opponent isn’t allowed to cast heroes, use white starter, snap back, use seer and undo as the way to give her net positive until she can trash everything safely

Actually a refinement.
[strength] past balance

Same deal, but allows for 2 trashed nature’s reclaim (for myth making). You lose 1 for the base upgrade, but that’s 1 extra magic card trashed.

First, snapback cant bring heroes if there is no opponsing hero in play.
Second, the only thing opponent is allowed to do is tech cards and pass turn.

I think you reaaaally need to read the puzzle again very carefuly

Boring. Fine.
[past] strength balance
You keep tinkerer, seer, and undo
So loop seer with undo, trash seer once everything else is trashed, stable with tinkerer
Near same. You keep tinkerer out, but you don’t even bother with origin story.
41/40/6 (5 workers[3 base magic, 2 teched magic], 1 cycling undo)
Whoops the last number for all previous ones should be 6

MT + Rambassa Twin is the trivial answer for maximizing cards in Codex.

The answer to the alternate question of “maximize cards in Trash, Codex secondary” is more interesting.

Optimum Solution, unless I missed something


Use Seer/Undo to keep Prynn healthy indefinitely.
Use Tinkerer to add runes until she has enough to trash all your units, including the Tinkerer (destroy and re-build Tech lab to get all specs worth of units)
Use Nature Reclaims and Detonate to trash the Second Chances and Slow Time Generator

Final Deck/Workers (7, plus 3 heroes): Seer, Undo / Time Spiral, Forgotten Fighter, Temporal Research, Battle Suits, Undo #2
Final Codex (20): 6 Past spells, 6 Balance spells, 6 Anarchy spells, 2 Sanitarium
Everything else is in the trash.

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Marauder lets you trash everything though, doesn’t it? It’s also a bit trivial…

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I was thinking along the lines of:

Use Jaina and Marauder. Worker everything else (starters and entire codex).

Marauder trashes a worker, Jaina kills Marauder. Repeat until all your workers are trashed.

Should be a count of 0 / 81 / 4

Add Prynn and trash the Marauder too. Except actually that fails your sustainability rule I guess. Use Detonate to trash the Marauder then - 0/82/3

Even better!