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Codex Wildest Dreams

hmm forgot about Macciatus, if I gave my opponent Truth instead of Strength, and they had a maxxiatus + dreamscape out, I could increase the damage the Plague lords do by a ton

Opp Board

Building Inspector (1 rune)
Spectral Aven (2 rune)
Bluecoat Musketeer (2 rune)
Traffic Director (1 rune)
Porkhand Magistrate (3 rune)
Reputable Newsman (3 runes)
Troq (lvl 8, 6 runes)
2x Iron Man (8 runes)
2x Revolver Ocelot (6 runes)
2x Stompers (6 runes)
2x Regular-sized Rhinos (12 runes)
2x Sneaky Pig (6 runes)
2x Eggship (6 runes)
2x Harvest Reaper (10 runes)
2x Trojan Duck (16 runes)
Prynn (lvl 7, 4 runes)
2x Stewardess of the Undone (6 runes)
2x Shimmer Ray (8 runes)
2x Golgort (8 runes)
2x Rememberer (6 runes)
2x Ebbflow Archon (1 time rune each, 20 -1/-1 runes)
Quince (lvl 5 4 runes)
2x Mirror (copying EbbflowArchon (0 time rune, 24 runes)
2x Flagbearer (4 runes)
2x Hound (6 runes)
Macciatus (3 runes)
2x Reteller (6 runes)
2x Tiger (10 runes)
2x Roc (10 runes)
2x Gryphon (10 runes)

Total 217 -1/-1 runes
so 868 damage at their upkeep


The sad thing is that if we had blood, we could make them take so much damage from all their units dying right now (or add PGC’s as well as the bugsplatters and maxium anarchy would do around the same damage asthe Plague lords),

(For not much, but some extra damage) I don’t think you should worker cards that are capable of dealing damage during the big damage turn (as long as this doesn’t otherwise changing your plays, cards in hand, etc.)

You should play out the Bloodburn earlier in the game and get more than one blood rune on it = an extra damage. Play out Mad Man earlier in the game = another damage.

You still have to decide which 2 other cards get workered.

I don’t see a reason to worker any cards.

You might want to build a tech 2 at some stage.

My statement about hiring workers was regarding the rules of the puzzle in general.

If your asking specifically about my wanting Bloodburn and Mad Man in play, then worker Detonates, Carrion Curse, Free Speech, etc.

There seems to be plenty of cards available that haven’t been used yet from the specs.

You’re right. I was too stuck on the regular worker/turn progression and didn’t consider teching cards specifically to worker them. Madman adds 2 damage and bloodburn adds 1 for a slightly tweeked total of 1121.

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There’s some crazy Magic discussion going on in rules thread that I don’t want any part of.

Can you come up with a puzzle for us instead?!


How about most devistating turn using only heroes? No infinites.

Tbh I’m not much of a puzzle maker.

Double death and decay is a must

I’m not sure if Vandy ult (Metamorphosis) + Captured Bugblatter is allowed?

Play the units before ‘the turn’ and then when time comes Vandy is the one casting the spell -> blame it on her!

metamorph, 2 general’s hammer, 2 earthquakes, kaboom!

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Any turn that involves playing Troq


Has anyone ever put “slow time generator” to good use?

This line has promise, but you missed the infinite damage possibility where your Bashing opponent uses Final Smash to steal an infinite number of mirror tokens that were copying a Tech 2. Swap Bashng for something else and it should work, though.

Just to double check, this is the list of specs and the ones I think I am not allowed with the reason why.
List of Specs (specs like this are allowed, all the others are not for the reasons stated)

Neutral Starter -> Bloom
Bashing -> Final Smash (If I use truth)

Red Starter
Blood -> Pirate Gang Commander

Green Starter -> Forest’s Favor / (Playful Panda as well if they are using truth against my disease)
Balance -> Final Showdown
Feral -> Murkwood Allies
Growth -> Basically everthing.

Blue Starter
Peace -> Oni

Black Starter -> Summon Skeletons
Demonology -> Terras Q
Necromancy -> see growth

White Starter
Ninjitsu -> see growth/Necro

Purple Starter -> Mox
Present -> Immortal
Future -> Vir + Glax

Bloom and Forest’s Favor are bounded rune generators, they can only put at most 1 rune on anything, so as I understand it, that is allowed. I also don’t see any issue with Mox, Immortal, and Glaxx, depending on the setup. (with disease, these could allow an infinite alottment of -1 runes for plague lord trigger) Terras Q is also not off limits. Terras Q generates tokens for an opponent. Captured bugblatter is already off limits, so I don’t see how to convert the warlocks into infinite damage.

Bloom is illegal with Plague Lab (and any form of Mind Control if it’s on your opponents side). Forest’s Favor is bounded, but Spore Shambler isn’t. Warlocks can be converted into infinite damage with any access to +1/+1 runes.

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I want an old timey crochet of ‘Warlocks can be converted into infinite damage with any access to +1/+1 runes’ so I can hang it in my kitchen.