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Codex Wildest Dreams

I think that works. Yeah, you have to wait for MT to wear off, so the Javelineer stops being an illusion mirror each time. That lets you put the Feather rune on it without popping it. Of course, the simpler option is to just have the opponent play the dragon themselves to put the feather rune on it.

I like it!

Opponent cant put feather on skeleton because it would be tech0 in their turn.
Feather rune will not kill MT skeleton tech1unit because manufactured truth doesnt make them illusion

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I don’t think you’ll be able to use Quince’s maxband to make the same card into two different tech 2 units

Is it going to stay tech2 copy even after the the manufactured truth affect wears off?
Note that “Later” signifies different turns

Yes, if you use Quince’s maxband to make a card copy another card, that copy effect never expires.

In that case I wont need to mind control the dragon since opponent will see the skeleton as a copy of tech2 and can give it feather.

Therefore max rune types on the same unit is 5
Eg (javeline, +1, insurance , crumbling or time , feather)

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Yeah, I really want to make this happen. Just don’t think about what all those swords are made of.

Guys don’t forget about focus master when it comes to piling varied runes on units

Dont worry didnt forget about focus master nor two step dance partner.

Focus master was tech 2, cant use MT with him. And he doesnt give focus runes.
Two step is not technically a rune although it looks like it in the physical gamee. so it is not counted as a rune

This one isn’t so much me giving you the game state, as me asking you to figure out the optimum game state, maybe like a puzzle.

The goals are to have:
A.) The maximum number of cards in your codex
B.) The maximum number of trashed cards that you own
C.) The minimum number of cards that you own in all other places (i.e. anywhere a card could be that is not covered by goal A or B)

1.) Consider a 2 player game in which you are player #2
2.) Any solution which involves one or more players losing the game, or the game ending, is disregarded
3.) Your opponent only passes the turn and techs in cards each turn
4.) Both players begin the game with three heroes in their command zone
5.) You can choose the heroes that you and your opponent use
6.) After arriving at a solution, the game must be able to continue indefinitely without changing the count of any goal (otherwise continue the game until this is valid)
7.) Goals are listed in their ‘graded’ order; Any solution that ‘wins’ a goal in a higher category ‘beats’ any solution that ‘wins’ any number of lower categories. i.e. A count of 35/40/10 (for goals A/B/C) is ‘better’ than a solution of 20/50/15. (Note: Those numbers are fictitious and just used for describing the ‘grading’)

Worst Case Scenario / Starting Point = Both players pass and tech in cards each turn until the rules are satisfied
A.) Zero cards in codex (all have been teched)
B.) Zero cards trashed
C.) [ 24 Cards Per Spec + 1x Matching Hero ] * 3 Heroes + 10 starter cards = 85 cards that are not in your Codex, or trashed
= 0 / 0 / 85 solution

Hypothetical Scenario (and perhaps impossible…) = 85 / 0 / 0 solution


Result = 76(75)/0/9(10) (5 workers for you, 3 heros, (1 Community Service) + Manufactured Truth in your deck, everything else in codex.)

(Brackets number for removing their deck as well)
Your specs [Law] Discipline, Fire, and your plays X X X

You both only tech in tech 1 units until you both have 10 workers then stop (you teching in a Rambasa Twin, and a community service). You worker all of your spells (except Manufactured Truhh) and Jail + 1 other, Opponent workers all their starting deck.

You then play a rambasa twin, and manufactured truth any of your other units into it before killing it with Jainia’s Max band, returning it to your Codex. Repeat until you only have a single rambasa left in your deck (plus community service + Manufactured Truth.

To remove their deck as well you then use Community Service to put their tech 1 units they teched onto your side of the board before repeating the above (MT into rambasa, then killing with max Jania to return to their Codex). After this None has any deck nor needs to tech because they have at least 10 workers.
Kill the Remain Rambasa


I think any solution will need at least 8 cards (3 heroes and 5 non-hero cards) that are not trashed and not in your codex. I’m interested in how well we can do though.

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I don’t think you get points for putting your opponent’s cards back in their codex.

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good call, adjusted numbers, (thought that it was counting both, didn’t do the math myself).

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You can ignore the other players actions for this, so don’t worry about them doing anything except teching 2x cards per turn until they have tech’ed every card from their codex. They don’t hire workers, etc. (This is what I tried to infer by rule #3).

You can generally ignore the other player if you want, except that they are there if you want to do something with them.

You only need to worry about the count of your own stuff, not the other players. (So just the 85 cards you ‘own’ / start the game with.)

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Can you share what your heroes are, and the name and location of the other 6x cards (out of the 9 ‘other’ cards)!

I don’t think I can do better than 76/0/9. I thought a little bit about getting to 76/1/8 but couldn’t come up with anything.

It seems like I could get to 76/1/8 also, but no matter what it keeps defaulting back to a very specific 76/0/9.

Your other 6 cards might be…
5 workers: Jail, Lawful Search, Arrest, Spectral Aven, Porkhand Magistrate
1 card that is a worker or in your hand or in your deck: Manufactured Truth

Manufactured truth is also worked, the workers are your starting spells + Jail + any other card.[quote=“sharpobject, post:57, topic:2591, full:true”]
I don’t think I can do better than 76/0/9. I thought a little bit about getting to 76/1/8 but couldn’t come up with anything.

I need a card to trash the last one (I was thinking about maruader with nether Drain Prynn to trash more things, but I always end with a card left (the one to trash the others). If Trashing is valued heigher, then Codex, I can get everything bar the 3 hero’s + 1 worker (nether Drain) trashed.