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Codex Wildest Dreams

Technically, those time runes are on the spell, not the unit.

Also, targeting a mirror would kill it, so you’d have to put macciatus out as well to make it work.

Also I think the manufactured truth into mirror into maxband quince works? What does manufactured truth do at the end of turn, nothing, or revert the whole thing back to javelineer? Either way, I could see having a javelineer with a crumbling rune, though.

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Once you’ve MTed a Mirror, it isn’t a Mirror anymore, so Quince can’t do anything with it. Also, VE puts time runes on itself, not on the card you attach it to.

No, the javelineer becomes the mirror, not the other way around.

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Ok, I misunderstood. You need to MC the Javelineer though, as you have to be playing blue starter to cast MT.

You already need quince anyway, so I don’t see that as a problem. It just means you can put past in your codex and black starter on the opponent.

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For the Abom one, opponent plays Abom after you make four on your side, and proceed to Mind Control them next turn. I wanted some Squirrel form shenanigans but this seems simplest. Or are we doing “in a single turn”?

For the runes one, I originally had Machiattus, but then something got lost in my head as I typed things out. Just have opponent cast 1x Emblem, the Juggernaut would crumble and live and the Emblem would stay. And yes, Quince can Mind Control the opponent Javlineer.

I am aware that Emblem puts runes on itself instead of the unit, but technically the attachment is “on” the unit… really not sure if there is a way to fulfill the time rune portion of this challenge without using Emblem. Both Jav rune and Time rune are Arrives: put X types, and since time runes can only be put on units with time runes already… What happens to a unit that is flickered while copying another unit?

AFAIK, every card that comes into play comes in as a new copy of itself like it was just casted normally.

If something is a copy and leaves play and comes back all the copy stuff would be gone, AFAIK.

Raiddinn would be correct, it just cleans off all that other junk leaving it with the new card smell.




Tech lab: Truth
Midband Midori
Maxband Quince
Make 2 Mirrors
Play Macciatus, The Whisperer.

Mirrors should now be 2/3 and no longer die to targeting. Use Bloom and spore shambler to put 2 +1/+1 runes on Macciatus, and 1 rune on both Mirror tokens.

  1. Play abomination and copy it. Play Plague lab.
  2. Bloom the Abomination you played last turn and exhaust plague lab. Play second Abomination and copy it with the second Mirror token.
  3. Exhaust Plague Lab again and Mind Control opponents Abomination.
  4. Exhaust Plague Lab and Mind Control another Abomination. Max Midori at some point.
  5. You’d eventually Bloom everything and play the second Plague Lab to keep going infinately. Might be better to just run Onimaru instead of Midori and Bootcamp the hell out of things, but this works.

Board at the end of turn 4 should be:
Abomination #1(Real): 4/4
Abomination #2(Copy of #1) 2/2
Abomination #3(Real) 1/1
Abomination #4(copy of #3) 2/2
Abomination #5(Real, mind controlled) 1/1
Abomination #6(Real, mind controlled) 1/1
Macciatus 2/2, Illusions don’t die to targeting
Quince MAX 1/5
Midori MAX 4/5

Any unit with less then 7 health just dies instantly. Even better is that killing the weak abominations just makes the others stronger! Getting some Black Couldron vibes in here.


I’ll answer my own question as "kinda"
He got 579 with just an opponents tower and 1083 damage in one turn with the only setup being “Opponent has a tower and 2x Hotter Fire in play. Garth has previously died this game”. I don’t know if the basic method would scale well over multiple turns though. Bob’s solution also gains momentum and does 4009 damage by the end.

TL;DR: The setup conditions were so different that it was kinda stupid of me to ask. Bob’s does an absurd amount of damage.


As best I can tell your starting Heroes are:

Master Midori
Sirus Quince
Orpal Gloor
Troq Bashar Or River Montoya

and the deck your using contains cards from:

Green Starter
Neutral Starter

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He meant Forest’s Favor, not Bloom. Good catch.

I got the name mixed up with a functionally identical card, Forest’s Favor

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I just mentioned this in another thread (where it occurred to me as I typed), but this seems a good place to post it as well:

Playing Blood/Necromancy/Disease. (Necromancy can be replaced by anything else that can easily generate lots of 1/1s, like Feral, but I think Necro is likely the easiest.) Have a bunch of Skeletons out, hopefully with other units with just 1 health. Have 2 Bugblatters in play. Play a single Abom and watch the opponent’s base lose most of its health instantly.

(Judgement Day is probably an easier way to pull off massive Bugblatter shenanigans though…)

If you wanted more absurd, I just improved the T3 to add 3000 more damage.

Forgot about Reavers, 10k dmg acheived!!!




Well, if you can MT a unit to a mirror then use quince to copy to that mirror, you can do a lot of crazy.

truth discipline balance vs disease past law

Max quince mind controls skeleton javelineer (javelin rune)
Sparring partner (javelin, +1)
MT javelin to become a mirror
Copy opponent shimmer ray using mid quince
Mind controlled skeleton javelineer is now a mirror that became a shimmer ray.
Discard a card to get a time rune. (Javeline,+1,time)
End of turn. MT effect end so the card is back to being skeleton javelineer and doesnt get trashed to quince midband.

Opponent plays insurance agent insuring your skeleton


MT javelineer to sparring partner
Play dragon and put a feather on the sparring skeleton partner

MT into mirror
Copy opponent juggernaut
Suicide it once to get crumble ruin
End of turn MT wears off and back to just javelineer
(javeline , +1 , time , insurance , feather ,crumbling )

As a bonus oppponent activates plague lab and gives you 1 more rune of each kind


Are there any rules violations in above post?

I think Qunice midband will still trash the unit even if it is no longer a Mirror at the end of turn. In your example, MT won’t wear off until after EOT effect triggers resolve, so it will definitely get trashed.

If the correct ruling turn out to be that midband will still trash javelineer, I can still modify the sequence to achieve 6 different runes in the same time.

Truth law past vs disease discipline balance
Mind control javelineer (javeline)
Mind control sparring partner give (+1)
Suicide sparring partner.
Play insurance agent to give skeleton (insurance)
Quince Maxband copies played juggernaut to MT skeleton mirror , suicides for (crumbling)
Quince Maxband copies played shimmer ray to MT skeleton mirror, discard a card to get (time)
Mind control opponent’s dragon
Prynn uses maxband to trash dragon then suicides, dragon comes back under your control giving MT skeleton tech1unit a (feather)

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