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[Casual] Unity (MonoWhite) vs hardy83 (MonoRed)

graveyard has arrival fatigue. A card gets it every time a player takes control of it…

but: how do you cast assimilate without vir?

Ah yeah, right. I guess it´s game over then. Invite Steve44 for a game. He is super motivated - and I just can´t handle two games. Can barely handle one :crazy_face: :smile:

GG, wp. :hugs: :kissing_closed_eyes:

Are you sure about that?

why is it game over???

Because I have nothing to defend myself.

yep! however, t’s not worded like this in the UMR - at least not in my version. but i’m sure. it was a discussion in the rules thread, i think. it’s the reason why kidnapping grants haste

I see, interesting. What is UMR?